Our paper is celebrating its anniversary this week, and we welcome you to join us at Greico Ford. 

A famous jurist once wrote that “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Maybe silence then is the heart of genius.

Today, I join the chorus of “Less is More.” My words are strikingly brief.

Through thousands of articles over 12 years, our paper has spoken for itself.

Our writers have illuminated your good deeds, and your bold initiatives have shined a light upon our community. SFGN has been your messenger, and on behalf of our diverse and talented staff, I simply want to say, “Thank you.”

Our words and achievements have exposed right and wrong, good and bad. We will engage rhetoric future as we have in the past, with honesty as our measure, humor as our partner and character as our goal. Stand by us. The roads are still limitless, our goals boundless.

We have many miles to go before we sleep. Our work is not done, and as long as we are here, there is good reason to seek every day a newer world to share.