My brother, a psychologist, tells me that one of the most traumatic experiences people go through is choosing a new home.

“But wait,” I asked him, “It should be a great, joyous, celebratory moment.”

Then he tells me that bewcause it is one of the most consequential choices you will ever make, it can torment you. I feel that way every January when I am called upon as your publisher to select who should be “persons of the year” in our community.

Tough choices they are, because we are blessed by so many who do so much. We salute two more persons this week in our anniversary month of honors.

We receive hundreds and hundreds of nominees every year for our ‘Out 50,’ and even more for our ‘Best Of’ issue. This week, we go a step beyond. We celebrate the Best of the Best.’

These are individuals who day after day and week after week contribute to our core, to make us more loving, more caring, more conscientious as a community. The two individuals we add today to our annual Achievement in Excellence Awards are both ever so worthy.

The first. Ronnie Larsen, is a playwright and producer initially raised as a Mormon in California. Ronnie has overwhelmed our community with a host of creative theatrical productions, at the Wilton Theater Factory, turning it into a bundle of joy nightly.

Coming to our shores from Houston, Texas, the second winner is Julian Cazavaos. He has shown us what volunteerism is all about, creating a ‘Fountain of Youth’ which stirs the soul and empowers the spirit.

Both of these gentlemen enrich our lives daily and enhance our community greatly. You have both justly earned acclamation and acknowledgement today. Congratulations.

We will finish off our 10th anniversary celebrations next week, honoring a Business Person of the Year, along with a  final surprise or two. Sorry, I am a tease.

Ultimately, we are only able to do any of this because of you.

This community has been SFGN’s real hero. You are our real winners by each and every good deed you do every day.


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