1.  I wish I could be 25, and surfing the Fort Lauderdale beach again. Hell, I would settle for 35. Or 45!

2.  An inner calmness gives you the strength to pilot the roughest oceans of life.

3.  Any time a car salesman tells you a deal “has” to be done today you should absolutely wait until tomorrow.

4. If you can laugh at yourself you will never cease to be amused.

5. Palms trees are beautiful but woodpeckers don’t care.

6. If you have core beliefs that guide your soul, decision-making is very easy.

7. Don’t do anything in the daytime that prevents you from sleeping in the nighttime

8. Getting angry at the guy who texts when the light turns green means you are already upset at something else.

9. The sun tans, but it also burns. Moderation in life is a good thing.

10. Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. 

11. The stronger you are, the more restraint you must employ.

12. If you want your life to have more meaning, be the person your dog thinks you are.

13. Diversity and inclusion are the essences of humanity. Key West was right. We are one human family.

14. You can’t fly like a bird, swim like a fish, or run like a leopard. But humanbeings builtplanes, boats, and automobiles. No small task. Diversity is a beautiful thing.

15. The days are long, but one day you wake up and realize life was pretty short. Make every moment count has to be a guide for living your life.

16. It can take years to build something you can lose in a nanosecond, like sandcastles on a beach. Build anyway.

17. Our country may strive for perfection, but we have never been perfect. Check with Florida’s unemployment office, for example.

18. Just because something is popular does not make it right. Sometimes the right thing to do can make you unpopular.

19. Even in Utopia, somebody has to take out the garbage. So pick up after your pet.

20. Always listen to your dog’s barks, mom’s advice and associate publisher’s warnings.