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1. The Mirror Magazine this month features “flipping” real estate. Yes, a new place is a new start and features new promises and new hope.

Just remember a scientific fact, that water “always seeks its own level.” So, no matter where you go, there you are. Enjoy the issue. I wrote an anti-flipping piece. Every realtor will hate me, but ever the contrarian I remain.  

2. If you tell me a secret that someone told you, you are not doing me a favor. You are only telling me why I should never trust you with a secret of my own.   

3. Television broadcast the Broadway show “Annie” live last week. I can’t wait to go to see another show on Broadway after theaters were dark for COVID for 18 months. You gotta believe “the sun will come out tomorrow.”   

4. I am so saddened by the tornadoes that left shattered lives and broken hearts in Kentucky and elsewhere last week. Be grateful and cherish what you have. Our violent world reveals every day it can be lost in an instant.   

5. The Supreme Court will reverse Roe v. Wade in June of 2022. Then a flood of states will start to turn back gay rights and affirmative action cases. Encourage your local Pride center to plan today and now about how they are proposing to react then.

6. Here is a call for tomorrow, then. There are 50 states in America, and there have been nearly 60,000 COVID deaths since the summer. One in five have been in Florida. So, get into the fray today. The battle for governor and senator in our state begins anew with January’s dawn. Fight for your future. There are only so many flock fests you can go to!

7. The city of Wilton Manors got some national attention on Thrillist recently. My thought is our little corner of the planet can become a spectacular worldwide destination and an international epicenter of gay life. All that needs to happen is for city officials to marshal the resources and resilience to turn Wilton Drive into a Parisian-style plaza full of restaurants, intimate clubs, boutique shops, with people everywhere year-round. The space and means to do so are all there. Stop worrying about making bars richer three times a year. Enrich your community instead.  Think Lincoln Road. We can do it here.

8. If you are over 50, I have a question for you to ask yourself: Is your life more meaningful now that gay rights groups can host their parties at the Sheraton, or was it more meaningful when you were younger and singing at a festival sitting on a blanket in a public park, from the outside, looking in? Just think about it.

9. Sad to hear that Michael Nesmith of the Monkees passed away last week.  The youth, zeal, and happiness of the Monkees even today still bring a smile to your face.   

They sold 35 million records in 1967, more than the Beatles. Their eternal sense of optimism should always remind you they started out as four teenage boys hired to be actors. They were flat out told by their producers they could not write their own songs or play their own music. They did anyway, and so should you.

Don’t let anyone anywhere ever tell you that you can’t play your own song. Never be afraid to take a chance on yourself and your dreams. Produce yourself. You will have fewer people to blame for the result.

10. Halfway through this journey on chemo. Love the good people at the University of Miami Comprehensive Sylvester Cancer Care Center, but I don’t think they should throw me out just because I demanded the cherry-flavored chemo. Maybe the Tequila shot was pushing it.

Take care.