He just can’t stand the heat.

America’s tweeter-in-chief has proven again that the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior.

He continues to lie, publish false statements, and recklessly disparage truth and dignity. He has reduced the White House to an Out House, and hell, at the rate he’s going, he is going to be out of the house soon enough.

America is patient, but we will only take so much. We won’t take four years living with a spoiled little rich kid pouting every day like a child in a sandbox. We won’t take it. We simply won’t. Our news will be harder, our facts more fierce, our anger more legitimate.

Mr. Trump has learned nothing about being ‘presidential.’ He is as delusional as a duck in heat. Scott Peltey on CBS said it best last night when he opened with the line that the “President is divorced from the reality of facts.”

It’s almost difficult to track how many lies a day Trump disseminates. You wind up playing catch. No, the murder rate is not the highest it has ever been. No, the press is not covering up terrorist attacks. No, the courts are not trying to usurp presidential authority.

Judges are just trying to make sure it is used legally and constitutionally. That makes them patriots to be praised, not persons to be presidentially persecuted. Mr. Trump’s conduct is traitorous.

Last week, the judiciary was again his target. This past week, Mr. Trump was schooled in the separation of powers. He used the authority of the executive branch to issue an order on immigration that was judicially challenged and enjoined by a federal court.

Faced with a court’s directive stating that his presumptive immigration ban order was unconstitutional and overly broad, Trump did what only a child would do. He attacked the person who wrote it. Unacceptable.

In a series of tweets on Sunday morning, the President referred to the jurist who overturned his illegal ban as a “so-called judge.” If that wasn’t enough, he then proceeded to state that the court’s decision was so bad it placed the nation’s safety at risk, adding, “If something bad happens here, blame him.”

No, Donald that won’t fly. If something bad happens here, we will blame you. It will be on your watch. After all, you are the one who singled out George Bush as being responsible for 9-11.

Let me share something else with you, Chief Lying Bear. The judge who entered this order against you, and the appeals court judges who backed him up, are not ‘so called judges.’ They are men and women who were appointed in accordance with the Constitution of the United States of America, a document you are sworn to uphold, not to deride. How dare you suggest otherwise?

What the courts are doing, Mr. Trump, is they are engaged in an ‘extreme vetting’ of your extremist executive orders. They are making sure you do not corrupt the constitution or the rule of law. They are making sure you obey it. So far, we have no reason to trust you.

On the other hand, the judge who enjoined you from acting illegally was a nominee of a Republican President of the United States, George Bush. Republican and Democratic senators in a 99-0 vote confirmed him to his lifetime appointment. We have reason to have faith in him.

On January 20, you took an oath of office swearing to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. To do so, you don’t issue orders that incarcerate immigrants illegally or publish words that disgrace jurists unjustly. Do that and you become the ‘so-called president.’

You want to disagree with a court’s ruling? Fine. Do so. File your appeal in the courts, not your vile attacks on twitter. You who wanted this job so much have become an ungrateful winner and sore loser. You know what? At that national prayer breakfast last week, you should not have been praying for Arnold Schwarzenegger. You should have been praying for the American people. With you in the Oval Office, we are going to need all the prayers we can get.

In two weeks in office, Mr. Trump has sabotaged our judicial system, undermined the integrity of our voting institutions, and disgraced the United States in international affairs. It’s shocking, and the Republican apologists who refuse to call him out today will regret it tomorrow. They have sold out principle for power and each day poison their souls with the toxic potion.

Mr. Trump, you have started a war not only with the press, but also with the truth. From the podium of your press secretary to the laptop your tweets taunt from, you lie, you deceive, and you disgrace virtue and honor.

Our newspaper represents one small voice in this great community. But we will join with others in standing our ground against your duplicity and denials. You will not trample over us with artificial facts, transparent lies, and astounding misstatements. You can continue telling lies about us, but we will continue to tell the truth about us.

The people rising up in the streets across our nation hear the voice of democracy calling. They hear liberty bells ringing. They will not go gently into the night. They will gather loudly in the day, and their voices will resonate throughout the evenings.

The LGBT community won’t fall for your false praise and cheap overtures either. Go forward with that executive order on religious freedom and you will hear from us as well, from South Florida to Seattle; from seashore to seashore. We are getting ready to gather at the National Monument in Washington, D.C., on June 11. We will be there in force.

Our country has recklessly surrendered too much power to the chief executive. We will have to deal with the fact that courts will legally uphold many of your executive actions and orders, but that won’t ever make them socially acceptable to us in our communities. We are here, we are queer, and we are not going anywhere. We will be heard, loud and proud, at every corner and at each turn. Too many of us have fought too hard and for too long to look the other way.

So, tweet away, Mr. President. You can’t handle the truth we are about to deliver it right back at you. If you are so worried about protecting the United States, take a look at that book Mr. Khan offered to lend you during the campaign. It’s worked for 240 years, and it’s called the U. S. Constitution.