While our world is moving headfirst into the center of a calamitous endemic that will change your life forever, most of you are younger and will survive. 

Our gay community has faced crisis before. Often, we were alone and alienated, outcasts and ostracized. Today is different. The planet is our partners in fighting this plague. 

In the face of adversity, LGBT souls have become soldiers. Battling AIDS, discrimination, injustice, or inequality, and against all odds, we have marched forward with courage. We have said prayers for too many dead, but continue to fight like hell for the living.
In the face of this global epidemic, we are suddenly losing livelihoods as well as lives. All our businesses are taking a right cross to the jaw. However, as Maya Angelou once wrote, every storm one day runs out of rain. This too shall pass.
AAACovid19HomepageEvery gardener cuts back the trees in the winter so they will blossom bigger and more bountifully in the Spring. So too now must SFGN. Our red distribution boxes and print editions will still be on the drive, but you can bet we will become more digitally connected.
We may not ever become the intergalactic gay news I had hoped for the paper to be, but sometimes, less is more. Bigger is not always better, and being better does not require you to be the biggest. 
Our local LGBT community includes a statistically large number of persons in the high-risk groups for this virus. We have partied and played, from Manhattan to Mykonos, enjoying so much along the way. 

Lets be real. The ride has been fun, but there is a toll road ahead. Because of this virus, unchecked, untamed, viral and vicious, that toll plaza may be closer than any vaccine, cure, or panacea. 
Our community is middle-aged. We are quarantined because doctors have bluntly told us older persons living with underlying medical conditions will not fare well with this virus. We turn on the news each day to find just how lethal it is. 

If we are all not here for the next battle, remember the words from a Blood, Sweat and Tears song long ago.  Know in your soul that there will always be another child born to carry on. But fight like hell for today. Give that unforgiving minute sixty-seconds’ worth of distance run.

May we all survive to run yet another race. But as a lawyer, let me ask you to be practical. Plan for what could happen. There is almost no window to act if and once you get sick. The virus moves too fast. Move quicker while you can.
Thank you again for continuing to support the South Florida Gay News, I hope I can say the same thing at our next anniversary party, because those little hot dogs in a blanket are a lot cooler than a plot at the Star of David. Not sure if they even have Internet there, but I will bring a transistor radio with me just in case.
Back to reality. Right now, even with all the accelerated research, scientific protocols and intense global effort, the viral epidemic is overwhelming our World. There is no magic wand out there, no Superman to save all of us. 
More than ever, our country needs a free press to hear your words, be your advocate. We can’t allow for complacency. We must question authority, and hold the ministers of our government accountable for their actions.

With your help, SFGN plans to carry on that mission. SFGN will ensure our stories are factual, not fictional. Sometimes, they will be painful, but truth has no boundaries. 

Sunlight and transparency are still the best disinfectants. You don’t get fake news here at SFGN. You get news exposing fakes. Stand with us now and we will stand up for you. But we need you too.
A free press matters everywhere in America. It matters even more for those of us who have lived a lifetime enduring patches of time where our dignity has been demeaned, rights denied, and voices censored. And death came to many of us too soon because people in power just did not care.
Let SFGN continue to tell your stories — share your successes, own up to our defeats. We are all in this together, and it is up to us to put aside our petty differences. 

United as one, let's seek a newer and safer world, heeding voices of harmony and healing, not hurt and harm.
Lets find a vaccine that not only kills this virus, but infuses a new purpose and meaning to our lives.

Bless you, and be safe.