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Health and Healing: Been getting some nice letters and emails from many of you concerning the continuing “chronicles of Kent.”

CNN and now the national news have documented how tragically the unvaccinated are causing a spread of the pandemic, making it impossible for people to get necessary medical care because ICUs are crowded.

I began this summer with brain surgery instead of a road trip to baseball parks and I am ending it with some type of biopsy for pancreatic cancer. It’s above my pay grade. I don’t second guess the doctors. I just wait around for two years to find out what they prescribed that some class action lawyers will be suing them for.

By the way, have you seen the ads for paraquat lawsuits on TV? Do you realize that I sued the State of Florida 40 years ago, in 1982, for spraying paraquat on marijuana grows in our state parks? We knew that stuff was toxic then!

Anyway, I may be a little thinner and a tad weaker, but that will only make me stronger. After all, I am only happy when I am unhappy. So better a biopsy than an autopsy. He who laughs-lasts.

Pastor Roberts, or was it Rogers, or Richards, I can’t remember who, told me that “God won’t give me more than I can handle.”

OK, I can accept that. But why does she trust me so much?

Brains are Better When Used

Speaking of brains, there really is something called “brain fog.” The thing about living in South Florida is you don’t need brain surgery to be exposed to it. Just try driving on A1A or talking to someone at Comcast. You see it daily.

Life comes down to what Yogi Berra, the N.Y. Yankee, baseball Hall of Famer from New Jersey once said: “Half the game is 90% mental.”

People don’t plan to fail. They fail to plan. The Boy Scout leadership may have screwed the LGBT community, but they left us with an aphorism worth treasuring: “Be prepared.”

“Keep yourself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally sound,” the Boy Scout slogan reads. Well, they said “morally straight” for the last admonition, but we all ditched that one a long time ago. Check out the cruising any weekend on Stonewall Beach if you don’t believe me.

Respiratorially Challenged Radio

My radio show debuts next week on WWNN with Florida’s next governor, Nikki Fried, as my first guest. It’s on WWNN Monday at noon, and you should listen in. She is Florida’s best hope to rescue us from Governor Death Sentence.

Ron DeSantis, the All Too Rotten, is our present governor. He is frightening, but my dad used to say that “the bigger a man’s head gets, the easier it is to fill his shoes.”

We should bring this SOB down. Let the gay and transgender community lead the way. He is an abomination for who we are and what we believe in; a mendacious and mean wicked witch of the East.

DeSantis has policies that are transparently toxic. You just get the feeling he is evil incarnate, a warlock. If cancer had its own stamp, his face would be on it.

This guy is a catastrophe and a calamity rolled into one. He reminds me of the apocalyptical presidential candidate played by John Savage, in a Dead Zone episode years ago, with plans to destroy the world. I guess that tells you how I really feel.

Didn’t we just go through that with the former guy? Oh, he is coming back, by the way, thinking the next Presidential race will be the World Wrestling Federation’s Great Rematch of 2024. Just what America needs. But Hulk Hogan should be a fun running mate.

Gay Men and Soccer Balls

Fort Lauderdale’s mayor presided at the kickoff of the new soccer stadium in Fort Lauderdale last week and should be congratulated for his role in helping make this happen.

Unfortunately, he and the city will become defendants in an American Disability lawsuit if they don’t immediately figure out a way to accommodate cars with disability placards into a secure stadium parking space.

You see, when you are in a grown-up city, you don’t get a second chance to avoid the legal consequences of negligently turning a blind eye on a 30-year-old law.

The stadium itself had great disabled front row seating, but it’s worthless if you can’t get there. I couldn’t. I want my $40 parking fee back.

I don’t think the city planned to fail, but they sure failed to plan. The disabled community can’t be an afterthought for short-sighted city code planners and traffic managers. What a freaking embarrassment.

Wrap Up

I see theaters are opening, from Broadway to Ronnie Larsen hosting a “Sauna” on Wilton Drive. Be careful.

There is still danger in every crowd. The epidemic has not gone away. It is coming to pass that the longest-term effect of COVID-19 is not going to be one person’s dizziness, but society’s apathy.

When we come to tolerate the intolerable, we become like the characters, the Eloi, from H.G Wells's 1895 novel, "The Time Machine." We feel nothing. We see nothing. Beware the Morlocks.