Misty Eyez has a logo on her home page which defines her identity. It is from Dr. Seuss, and few know more about life than the good doctor we loved as a child.

Why fit in,” it reads, when you were born to stand out?”

Has she ever.

Misty was born to a Pentecostal minister from Anchorage, Alaska, she wound up in Oklahoma before journeying to South Florida to make her presence known as an entertainer. 

Does LGBT media matter? It was an online ad for Hotspots that drew her attention to our shores.

Today, Misty Eyez stands tall as the Director of Womens Services, Transgender Services and Training Services at SunServe. Its a long way since her first appearance ever in drag, at an AIDS benefit being held in a church in Tulsa.

She may not be on stage anymore, but she is moving souls. At SunServe, Misty is immersed with her work says Director Mark Ketchum, She works so marvelously with others, and her charm is magnetic. She just has a way of exuding energy and passion.”

As an entertainer,” Misty told me on my radio show, I made people smile for an hour. In my job, I think I am able to help people live for a lifetime.”
She is an educator and case manager who started off part time but has seen her roles and aspirations blossom.

Once, she was an admittedly effeminate trans woman living in the closet.” Now she breaks down doors.

Once, she was kicked out of schools and told by her mother she could not come home unless she first came home to Jesus. 

Instead, she read an online Hotspots magazine and came to South Florida to go on stage as Misty Eyez. A great name that defined my soul,” she says. 

Comes from a Sandy Patton song saying that every time a dad surrenders his daughters hand in marriage he becomes misty eyed.” 

The Best of Winner for several years at SFGN has traded in the nightlife at the Boardwalk to focus on different areas of education, from teaching cultural sensitivity to bias training. 

Knowledge is power,” she told one of our reporters. So Misty is now going to back to school, hoping to earn a masters degree in social work; on her way to becoming a licensed clinical social worker. 

This time she wont get kicked out for being who she is. 

There are so many hurdles in a transgender’s person life that none of us could ever imagine,” she said. Maybe it’s simply acceptance, but it could be housing, job placement, social support.”  

Misty is so right. Even a simple name change requires a judicial application and legal help.

Misty may not be dancing for dollars anymore, but she is performing for hope, doing what she loves doing, and helping people help themselves. 

Misty is ever so worthy of SFGNs first presentation for a Trans Activist of the Year, as too are so many others. Like Misty, our community of drag queens have a history of paving the way for causes and concerns that matter so much to the LGBT community.

The passion Misty brought to work on stage every night she now brings to SunServe every day. She has gone from being an entertainer to an achiever; from being an outcast to being outstanding.


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