Op-Ed: Hyping Hate Instead Of Hope

Editorial By Mike Luckovich

There is a sign on the door of the South Florida Gay News.

It reads, “Due to recent security concerns, the front door of our office may be locked. Please knock for entry.”

The president of the United States put it there.

For three years, first as a candidate, and now as a conspirator, Donald Trump has been railing against a free press. The ignorant chants of the hate-filled tweeter in chief have come home to roost. Last week, a mad bomber sent lethal devices to CNN.

If threats on the press and former presidents were not enough, last Saturday a different raging lunatic shot and murdered eleven congregants gathered for prayer at a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Rose Mallinger, 97, lived through a world terrorized by Hitler’s Germany. She could not, however, survive Trump’s America.

The president of the United States did not do the shooting. He did not pull the trigger. He did not buy the guns. But he has incited the violence and created the climate for haters like the maniac who shot up the synagogue and the moron who sent bombs to democratic politicians.

For nearly two years, Trump’s toxic words from have bred poisonous seeds. They have now sown lethal consequences. He had been asking for the media to be lynched. It is no surprise his followers now carry the ropes.

On the night of the Pittsburgh massacre, the man residing in the Oval Office could have published somber and sobering words to our nation.

No chance.

What did the president do? He turned to Twitter, posting about managerial pitching changes in the World Series.


The man is just blind. There is a time and place for everything. This was not the time for a tweet about baseball. A president can be inspirational and a leader. Donald Trump does not so qualify.

Trump spins the truth upside down. While he whines about how unfair the world is to him, let’s not hold a pity party. Let’s throw him an impeachment ceremony instead.

How often and how much does he lie and flat out put a sinister spin on everything? My grandmother used to say “half a truth is a whole lie.” Donald Dearest is a pie and a half.

If you were an immigrant seeking freedom and asylum in America, you have now become a member of an invading, alien force.

However, if you were a Nazi marching in Charlottesville wearing brown shirts, there were “good people” on your side.

If you were a woman standing up to sexual abuse, you really liked it when guys reached for your “pussy.”After all, “you wanted it” all the time.

However, if you were a White House staffer accused of sexually battering your wife, you were a “team player,” unjustly accused. The president hated to see you go.

If you are the respected mayor and minority gubernatorial candidate seeking equal justice for all, in Trump’s world, you have now become a “stone cold thief” who is “monkeying” up our society.

However, if you were a sheriff convicted and sentenced of denying equal rights to your county’s citizens and defying a federal court, you can win a presidential salute and pardon.

If you are a transgender person seeking equal rights in the military, you are subverting the armed forces, and throwing our budgets out of whack.

However, if you are a Congressman who whacks a reporter at a political rally, you are Trump’s kind of guy. He will endorse you AND pay your legal fees.

If you are a football player who takes a knee during the national anthem to assert your civil rights as an American, you should be ‘fired’ and kicked out of the NFL.

However, if you are a draft-dodger who used “bone spurs” as a medical excuse to avoid fighting in the Vietnam War, you can still get elected president and make believe you support veterans.

If you are a woman who questions the credentials of a presidential nominee to the Supreme Court, you are a liar defaming a good man’s name.

However, if you are a Saudi Arabian prince allowing journalists to be slaughtered in your embassy, your denials seem “credible.”

The list of presidential lies flies faster than the truth can catch up with them. Trump may not believe in climate change, but he has created an ecosystem of toxic algae emanating from the Oval Office.

As you vote next week, send the White House a Blue Message. Once the party that bragged of “personal responsibility,” today Republicans represent a party with no spine.

Vote as if your freedom depended on it, because it does.

You probably don’t even realize how many immigrant children at the border are still without their parents. They can’t vote. Be their voice.

You probably don’t even realize that the bump stock provision banning certain types of assault weapons never got through Congress. The young children slaughtered in Parkland can’t ever vote again. Be their voice.

You probably do not realize how many transgender persons have had their careers in the Armed Forces jeopardized by the latest Trump initiatives rolling back their protections. Be their voice.

You probably don’t realize how many mothers cannot take care of their children without the support of Obamacare and a health insurance system that protects them instead of forgetting them. Be their voice.

It’s possible to seek a newer world.

We can have a president who ascends to grace again.

We can have a debate that talks of hope and prosperity instead of hate and persecution.

Cast your ballots to make a difference.

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