You may not be able to do anything about the U.S. Senate ratifying a justice that is going to set back civil rights by a century, but you can cast a ballot against some of the judges Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis have appointed to the bench in Florida.  

They are not your friends.  

The Federalist Society’s anachronistic voice is infiltrating Florida courts. Ron DeSantis is appointing the same type of person to our courts that Donald Trump wants on the Supreme Court.  

You figure out the rest.   

If you oppose a neanderthal view that espouses politics, not principle, vote against them. These are judges who advocate conservatism protecting no voices but their own.   

As the publisher and lawyer, I am often asked about my thoughts on the judicial races populating your election ballot.   

There are not that many this year, but the few there are matter.  

To start with, I am recommending you deny a new six-year term for Supreme Court Justice Carlos Muñiz.  

At the appellate level, you should also say no to the merit retention of Judges Alan O. Forst and Mark Klingensmith of the Fourth District Court of Appeal. These are political appointees dressed in judicial robes.  

It is rare when jurists are not retained. They are not the focus of this year’s election. But their decisions shape our lives. Make your voice heard.  

Just say no.  

On the other hand, Fourth District Judge Martha Warner has served on the bench for over 30 years with distinction.  

Vote Yes.  

In Broward County, Judge Dennis Bailey has earned another term on the circuit court bench.   

Vote Yes. 

Florida jurists impact our lives, from transgender issues to minimum wage laws, from environmental challenges to advancing medical marijuana laws, from civil litigation to death penalty cases.  

For example, 62% of Floridians voted to restore voting rights for ex-felons who have served their time and done their sentence. Our governor instead has gone to court to deny their rights.   

Florida needs jurists who will stand for justice and excellence, not politics and expedience. Let your voice echo. Say no when you have to.