There is a Charlie Brown panel that shows the world’s most popular cartoon character lying home in bed at night, looking through his window, out at the stars.

He asks, “Why me?”

“Nothing personal,” a voice answers, “Your number just came up."

So I have been dealt some blows, lately. Who of us hasn’t?

I never ask, “Why me?”

Am I so special? Why not me?

You pick yourself up. You dust yourself off. You get in front of the crowd, find your own trombone, start up the band, and launch a new parade. Then you grab your pen and ruminate irreverently.

Here is today’s version:

1. If you speak and tell the truth now, you will never have to defend a lie later.

2. You will know your home has become a family when you never again within its walls hear the word “my.”

3. There are two buttons never to hit in life-panic or snooze. (With credit to the TV series, Ted Lasso.)

4. Sometimes a “No” from a boss is a complete sentence.

5. Never beg for a seat. Build your own table.

6. Have you noticed that whether you wear a $5,000 Rolex or a $50 watch from Target, they both tell the same time?

7. If a man stands upon his convictions, and there abides, eventually the whole world will come around to him.

8. Give the unforgiving minute 60 seconds worth of distance run. (Credit Rudyard Kipling.)

9. You may be trying to help calm the situation by telling your partner “to relax,” but those words will be meaningless if you shout them.

10. Life is a series of comings and goings, and for everything you take with you, there is something you leave behind.

11. It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not get one, than get one, and not be prepared.

12. One wrong deed can ruin one good life, like when a doctor I represented had sex in his office with one of his anesthetized patients. Even worse, now I need a new veterinarian.

13. I am thinking older age kicks in when your mind makes an appointment your body can’t meet.

14. Every time I think that something is perfect, I remind myself that even the most gorgeous rose bushes have thorns.

15. No country or citizenry that can take a life-saving mask designed to stop contagion and disease, and instead turn it into a weapon to launch a culture war should ever attempt to claim to be a  moral authority for the rest of the planet.