The best defense is a good offense. It is all President Trump knows. He told us Monday that we have done 5.4 million Coronavirus tests in the U.S., more than anywhere in the world.  

That does not cover New York City. Anything of interest happen there lately, Mr. President. We did not elect you to tell us how much worse it is in Somalia.

Mr. Trump does not tell you that the tests are coming too little, too late, too many. There are 330 million Americans. We should have been leading a global task force on testing.  

We now know that Donald Trump celebrates his achievements, but ignores and refuses to acknowledge his failures. He gives himself a 10, though, and is Number 1 on Facebook.

I wonder what the families of the 55,000 lost already to the coronavirus will grade him on November 3. I suspect it will be a big fat number 2.

On Monday, April 27 at 6:13 p.m. the President once again congratulated himself for stopping air travel from China while Nancy Pelosi was dancing in Chinatown in San Francisco.”   

The next time someone on Fox News brings this up as their hourly talking point ask yourself this: “if Nancy was dancing, why was she?”

The answer is because the president who is a dope was being duped. He was trusting a foreign leader for years he has been saying dont trust.” 

Trump was being assured by the Chinese president that America had nothing to worry about; that everything was under control. Trump thanked the Chinese leader for his transparency, while assuring America that corona cases would be down to zero in a week.

Four weeks later, on March 1, speaking at political rallies, he was still calling the coronavirus a hoax.Meanwhile, his own staffers and our own good people from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation were warning the world that a global pandemic was about to set it.

The president went to India instead. When he got back and heard one of his scientists had told the press that the administration was ignoring a smoking bomb, he called the researcher an alarmist.”

Lets lay this out where it belongs. Trump and Trump alone is responsible. He is the epidemic. This is the price we pay for making a licentious, self-centered, insecure man the president of the U.S.

The White House reporters need to practice guerrilla warfare. Stand up and boldly call him a deceitful huckster. He is lying to the world and people are dying because of it. There is no room to be polite and professional.

Donald Trump’s continued abuse of professional reporters is unconscionable and beyond acceptable. When one of these reporters finally stands up and calls him out, and gets booted from a briefing, that journalist will become a national hero. It will mark a day in that reporter’s history. 

On your cable TV screens that evening, you will see replays of U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy, in the 1950s, being asked the question, Once and for all sir, have you no sense of decency?”

I say, “do unto others as they do unto you.” You will be on 60 Minutes tomorrow.

Donald Trump is a racist who plays up to Nazis, a sexist who abuses women, and a demagogue who demeans democracy. If you want to show the office of the presidency respect, remove him from it.  

All the umbrellas in the world wont stop a Tsunami. This pandemic would have swept through the U.S. even if Donald Trump had stopped a hundred planes from China.He has just made it so much worse than it needed to be.He denies reality day by day. Drink some Clorox if you dont believe me.

Today, he is saying, everyone said it would blow over.No, Mr. Trump, they did not. The Washington Post revealed otherwise yesterday. There were over a dozen presidential daily press briefings in January, February, and March that prove otherwise. Once again, you delivered deception and deceit.

At the press conference Monday, Mr. Trump also said that he alonebuilt the best economy the world has ever seen.You destroyed it, too. How is that working out for you?

Trump does not mince words. Neither will I. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. So Mr. Trump, I will give you your due. You are number one.

You have killed more Americans in a shorter time than any of our other presidents have ever done. Mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, all lost while you were tweeting from your toilet. 

You have let your negligence bring forth one of the worst pandemics to ever touch our shores, the most significant in a hundred years.

Your know-it-all arrogance and your stubborn defiance of all things scientific made happen what no other president could.

You attack the press like no president ever before you, the same way you ridicule every woman who ever called you out for abusing them. You are number one at that, too.

The greatest pandemic, worst unemployment, and most catastrophic collapse of a government in such a short time, with a dose of impeachment and some Lysol thrown in.

The hoax, sir?  That would be you. 

Be careful what you wish for. You got it, you are number one, in ways no American will ever forget.

Unfortunately for you, and all of us, none of this is fake. It has been too real. Radio talk show hosts and publishers like me will hammer this home every day between now and the presidential election on November 3.  

This time all of Hillarys emails in the world wont save you.