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One column a week is normally enough for me right now, but I am adding a second prophylactic one.

Pay attention. 

I saw dozens of people unmasked and drinking gathered at the Gym Bar for a party on Sunday afternoon during brunch. 

We cannot do this anymore. 

For what it’s worth, twelve hours earlier, there were no emergency room beds available at Holy Cross Hospital and no monoclonal antibodies available due to the spread of the Omicron virus. Not the most comforting way to deal with a medical emergency. 

I am in and out of cancer centers and medical offices daily. The professionals there are deeply alarmed. Science has not yet synthesized and statistically computed the breadth of this ever-so-transmissible spread. 

Omicron is spreading like wildfire in a dry forest. Unvaccinated and immunologically compromised gay persons must take precautions now to prevent getting sick tomorrow. 

I saw the Alibi has canceled its holiday party. So should you impose safeguards on your holiday gatherings? Beware of the storm by ensuring your own safety. 

My sympathies to the Gay Men’s Chorus, having had to cancel Sunday’s Hard Rock Concert. They do so much for so many. Please do what you can to help by supporting them financially any way you can. 

A day will come when we are past all this. Maya Angelou once wrote, “There is no storm that does not run out of rain.” 

Become Dorothy. It does not take much to be a dreamer. All you do is close your eyes, and make a wish for a better tomorrow. But wear a mask.


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