Dear Craig, 

I know. You are back. But Arnold Schwarzenegger, you are not. People are bumping into you all over town. Unfortunately.

Also, we see online you are now hosting a barbecue on the Sebastian Street, the gay beach in Fort Lauderdale on Pride Weekend.  You were even selling tickets to the event for $49.95.

Craig, my newspaper has a problem with that. You see, it’s a fraud.

First, you are using the logo of Pride Fort Lauderdale to promote it. That’s bullshit, and you know it. You are lying.

You are knowingly committing this fraud with the complete knowledge it is a lie. Pride Fort Lauderdale’s director has asked you, as have I, to take it down. You ignored us both.

Here is the thing that troubles me about this scam. You own the site and logo for Beach Bear Weekend. You not only purchased it, you went to court to fight to protect the right to use that name. Keep it. You have tainted it beyond repair. No one else wants it, anyway.

However, by your own history in fighting to protect the name “Beach Bear Weekend” you are telling the world that you know the importance of having a domain, a logo, a website and a brand you control. In fact, you acquired a trademark and copyright for it. Congratulations. Good luck with that.

But guess what?  Pride Fort Lauderdale also acquired a trademark and copyright on theirs. Now, today, your website’s misleading advertisement is illegally infringing on their rights. You are tainting their good name with your bad name.

Unlike your ad implies, Pride Fort Lauderdale is neither sponsoring nor partnering with you on your phony event. They want nothing to do with you. In fact, no one does. We all know you are perpetrating a fraud.

 Craig, we also know you were “selling”a Pride Fort Lauderdale barbecue for $49.95 on the Sebastian Street Beach at A1A.  But Craig, for your information, that is potentially a federal crime - wire fraud.

 There are a few other lies in your online promo. First, the “public” beach is free for anyone to go to anytime they want. It is not for sale.

Second, the city did not give you a permit to sell food on the beach. We checked. For your information, the city requires any proposed vendors to fill out an application, pay a fee, and make a formal request. You have done none of those things. Whoops. Slipped up a little there, didn’t you?

 You know, if you really believed in your Beach Bear Weekend, you would honestly promote it, instead of wrongfully passing off your “parties” as ones that are embraced by Pride Fort Lauderdale. They are not, and you know that.

Craig, this is the same scam and phony game you played a few years ago. It did not work then, and we are putting an end to this now. Everyone will know Beach Bear Weekend is not affiliated with any legitimate promotional event for Pride Fort Lauderdale. SFGN will see to that. Blame me.

When your similar attempt at this venture failed a few years ago, you went and got yourself arrested for allegedly making online terroristic threats.

You were accused by federal authorities of stating that you were going to orchestrate a “Pulse” like attack against gay residents in Wilton Manors. Where did that get you? Oh, yes, a year in jail, in federal custody, with no bond, until the case was not prosecuted.

 Your other past conduct of committing stupid misdemeanors, like not paying for your lunch in a local restaurant, earned you a year’s probation, which you violated by not paying restitution. More jail time, and then you wound up with court ordered mental health counseling. Wonderful.

Since the federal allegations were cleared, you have done very little to persuade anyone that there were any judicial miscalculations to begin with. 

Now here we are again, back where we started, with you marketing a phony event, and threatening the people who tell you to cease and desist.

 Really, man, do you want to spend your life on bond? Even your own mother has now charged you with domestic violence. You can’t even go home again to Orlando, which is no fun for all of us down here in South Florida. You are on a road to nowhere; to ruin rather than restoration. 

Is this the life you envisioned for yourself when you entered MIT?

Are you the same guy who once told me you were going to turn your life around by working on an “innocence” project’ for wrongfully jailed inmates? 

It appears not. 

Instead, you appear to be the same guy who had multiple restraining orders imposed against him for stalking charges by four separate circuit court judges in three different states even before you moved to Florida.

We create the world we live in by our choices each day. We can use our talents for good or evil; to heal and help, not hurt or harm. The good you do in life comes back to you, but so does the bad. 

Look which direction you are headed in. Get help now. Turn it around.

I would rather be writing about all the good things that Pride Fort Lauderdale is doing rather than the bad things that you are wasting my time on. 

However, my duty and obligation as the publisher of South Florida’s community LGBT newspaper is to protect our readers from scams and scoundrels. 

 That’s you Craig; that’s you.  

The next time you read this so will the 50,000 weekly readers of SFGN, along with who knows how many thousands nationally and internationally. 

It did not have to be this way Craig.

You are just a meteor on his way to burn out. I celebrate my 40th anniversary as a lawyer in South Florida this year. I have seen countless guys like you over four decades, mostly in my role as a criminal defense attorney. 

They wind up in prison, man. They wind up in prison.

Our community cannot afford gay visitors coming here from all over the country to be fooled by you or any other scam. We can't be silent. Our newspaper reports on our community’s victories, but also has a duty to report on its warts and wounds. You are forever a wart.