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Al Gibson was a friendly fixture in the South Florida Hospitality Industry for decades, managing Johnny’s Bar on West Broward Boulevard and then LeBoy, when it was owned by his close friend, Sean David.

Al passed away in the early morning hours of Friday, Feb. 19, peacefully, of natural causes, at the spry age of 91. While profiled often in local bar magazines, a portrait of Al’s life was published just over two years ago, in 2018, in the Poverello Food Bank magazine, by another volunteer, James Stoup.

The piece illuminates the long life and lasting impact of this dear man, who I counted as a friend for decades, engaging him frequently as the counsel for the very nightclubs he managed and supervised.

We have lost so many people this past year. Compromised like everyone else, SFGN has not been able to illuminate all those who should have been recognized on our pages. It is not for lack of trying.  Let their memory be recorded in your community LGBT newspaper. Let their families know they shared our lives and brightened our days.

Al, on behalf of your many friends, including the very special Sean David, may you rest in peace; may your life be a blessing.