Life is a blank tablet. We complete the slate each day with the decisions we make. We color it in with pastels of pleasure or portals of pain. It’s our call, our pencil, our paintbrush.   

The future may be beyond our vision. It is not beyond our control. We can shape it with love and laughter, or anger and resentment. It’s up to us.  

In the face of adversity and challenge, there is a door that opens always for good change, renewed hope and newer accomplishments. Today, as we enter the fourth quarter of the year 2020, we are challenged to be sure.   

This is a year where we have become pandemically compromised. But the truth is we are not paralyzed. We will rise again, maybe wounded, but surely wiser.  

The page turns today to Oct. 1, but you are still standing. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t buy the governor’s guidelines or the moronic presidential rants. People are still getting sick. COVID-19 is still a killer virus. Mask Thyself!  

SFGN is proud to say that we have been a first amendment first responder, publishing weekly throughout the pandemic. Those issues are displayed on the page adjacent to this editorial column.   

If you have missed the weekly editions of our paper during the pandemic, they are available online at 

If you want them to read in your home and hand, stop by our office and pick one up. They record our history.  

SFGN is plugging away and here to stay.  

Our paper is a small business that faced the same challenges you did. Fewer income streams. Furloughed staff. Limited office hours. We have all been there this past year.   

As businesses start to reopen, this week again SFGN is increasing our weekly print run. We have also added a dozen new red distribution boxes and locations. Let me know if you want one.  

Hitting the stands also in the next few days will be our special Elections Edition of the MIRROR Magazine. The “Vote” Cover is demonstrably pointed. Do so. Your life depends on it.   

Meanwhile, our sales manager, Justin Wyse, is now marketing our annual, very popular, “Guide to South Florida.”  Get it while you can.  

If you want to show us some love, advertise with us. Help sustain our mission and maintain our voice as your advocate.  People pick up and read our paper. Look, you are right now!   

A thousand or so advertisers for the past 10 years have not been wrong. They know they get bang for their buck.  

If you have a cause you care about, a restaurant or bar to promote, or a business to spotlight, contact our editorial department.  Our pages are open for you.   

Don’t ever take a free gay press for granted, the way a certain Fort Lauderdale gay mayor does. This paper has gotten more advertising for this election from his opponent then we got from him. If it’s embarrassing to him, it should be.  

The back-page ad of this month’s MIRROR features an ad for Joe Biden. His campaign did not pay for it. Private backers did, even though the Biden campaign has received 10 million dollars to spend on media buys in Florida.   

To date, in fact, SFGN has gotten more money from the Log Cabin Republicans then we have from Biden’s buyers – or Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016. They should be ashamed of taking us for granted too.   

SFGN is and will remain forever an independent, free, gay press, so please, don’t be misled by this seeming solicitation. Our principles and passion are not for sale.   

A newspaper is a community forum for your voices to be heard. Out of the discussion and debate, you get to draw your own conclusions. Render your own opinions.   

SFGN hardly expects you to agree with us all the time. Nor should we. Hell, we don’t even always agree with each other here at the paper. But by all means, let us know what you think.  

SFGN’s mission is simply to do the reporting. Faithfully. Factually. We don’t control what happens. We report on what does. We don’t deliver fake news. We expose the fakes. That’s our job, and we take it seriously.  

We are not here to just pat community leaders and public officials on the back. We will praise them for their good deeds and hold them accountable for their bad decisions.   

You don’t get pleasure in publishing an article that a respected attorney has become a common crook. But even if he spent a hundred thousand dollars advertising in this newspaper for over 10 years, it does not give him a right to steal half a million dollars from his clients in one. You have to write about it.  

This is our 10th anniversary year. Over 550 issues. Over 25,000 pages of print and thousands of articles. Controversy. Celebration. Parades and Funerals. Love and Loss. That's a community.  

Online and in print, SFGN is by your side, through thick and thin.  That’s who we are. That’s what we do.  

Thank you for being part of the journey, 

Norm Kent, Publisher.