Beginning with this issue, SFGN’s Executive Editor, Jason Parsley, assumes the role of Publisher.

Wish him well. 

Justin Wyse, our sales and marketing manager, shall become the Associate Publisher.

My trip into the sunset will include establishing the SFGN Foundation, crafted to support young LGBTQ journalism in their schools. 

This necessary step allows me the freedom to work on continuing medical issues which now compromise my physical and cognitive capacities.  

Fortunately, between my law partner and the newspaper staff, both Kent and Cormican, P.A., and SFGN will continue to function daily and weekly, with the highest level of proficiency and professionalism. However, I won’t be hang gliding anytime soon. 

LGBTQ journalism is necessary to tell your unique stories which give meaning and purpose to our lives. They tell quiet tales of individual growth, overcoming adversity, and daring — not just treading, but sailing through waters and tides your friends and family told you that you could never negotiate.  

By being true to yourself, you proved the doubters wrong. “Know the truth,” wrote Shakespeare years ago, “and it stands to reason, as surely as the night follows the day, that thou canst be a liar to no other man.”

I have to now face the truth that I am no longer who I once was, or want to be. Medical compromises have dictated otherwise. “So it goes,” wrote The Little Prince, “so it goes.” 

Part of love is letting go of the reins; trusting another to move the herd forward. Jason Parsley now has that chance. Please continue to support SFGN as you have me, with your dedication and dollars, having the patience and perseverance to make our free paper better online daily, and in print weekly.  

Governments and political passions come and go with the ocean’s ever-changing tides. It’s our out lives, our freedoms, and our causes that stand the test of time. Keep your eyes set on the stars above. They will be there for you, not so much the shifting sands below. 

Thank you.


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