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There is nothing more unsurprising than Donald Trump’s refusal to accept defeat. The witch who is not dead yet is refusing to die. The world is celebrating anyway.  

Donald Trump has never been a good loser or a gracious winner. Nor has he ever been accused of being a man of decent character. To quote Republican Senator Mitt Romney, “he has a relatively relaxed relationship with the truth.”

But rest easy, my friends. Like the maniacal Joker who terrorized Gotham in the Batman comics, this lunatic is going to wind up in an insane asylum. Or a jail.

It is so very possible that on the day Joe Biden is sworn into office in Washington, D.C., Donald Trump will be posting bail in a courtroom of the Southern District of New York.  

This is real, not fake news.

There are legitimate reasons to believe that the attorney general of New York has already named Donald Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator for criminal acts that predated his presidency. This could lead to hard time, not a run for a second term in 2024.

Trump should be glad he sponsored a crime reform bill. He may need it for his own early release. But I am not sure a convicted felon can run for president.

Catch your breath today though. We have delivered ourselves from evil.

America may have elected a petulant little child as president in 2016, but we have now taken away his lollipop. Our country is no longer his play toy. Like most spoiled brats, he won't give up easily, or go away quietly. Expect a 75-day temper tantrum.

Captain Chaos will spend the next two months engaged in random acts of juvenile retribution. Expect impulsive firings, wholesale pardons, and retaliatory actions against those who challenged the king, even if it means sabotaging the government or the transition of power. He couldn’t care less. He wasn’t going to the presidential inauguration anyway.

Democrats can find comfort in knowing Joe Biden does not need and would not have sought the assistance of Donald Trump with a presidential transition. He has a guy named Barack Obama he can turn to, and an experienced cabinet chomping at the bit for new jobs. America will be secure without the help of Mike Pompeo or Jared Kushner.

Sanity has been restored to the Oval Office. Twitter’s stock may go down. Good time to sell. American policy will no longer be made in the middle of the night by a lonely man lying in his bed with a smartphone.

As time passes, so will Trump. His tweets will be irrelevant, his threats inconsequential. The fire dragon will flame out. The Republican party will find a new hero to bank their future on. Don’t forget, they had 20 guys run against Trump in 2016 too. They don’t want him back either.

Don’t be too worried about the claims about a fraudulent election made by Trump and his legal team of Larry, Moe and Curley. They will be tossed like Chief Orange Hair. They already have been exposed as fabricated, and fraudulent themselves.

Trump wasn’t happy losing once. Now he is going to lose twice. As SFGN goes to press today, he is already 0 for 12 with court actions. It may be news fodder for FOX, but it’s headed to the shredder in the legal system. He is lucky if he makes it to the Supreme Courtyard at the Marriott.

The president does have a right to exhaust every legal remedy at his disposal. Let’s hope those are the only ones he uses. He is a cornered rat, and those arachnids don’t always play by society’s rules. You can expect the worst from him. He will give that his best.

The courts also have a right to sanction and admonish him and his attorneys for filing unsubstantiated and fraudulent claims that have no merit. Let’s hope they do. It will get scary only if they don’t.

He couldn’t care less about election fraud or counting ballots. He just wanted to be coronated. Instead, he was crowned. Celebrate. The clown is no more. He has been sent to the sand trap. Permanently, we hope.

People around the world were dancing in the streets on the day his music died. That is something we usually watch on our TV’s when dictators are toppled.

One of the finest actors in the world passed last week — Sean Connery. Ironically, in 1975, the knighted Scotsman starred in a film called “The Man Who Would Be King.”

A superb actor in a great film, he played a tyrannical role where he tried to dominate a tribe. He wound up getting beheaded on top of a mountain. Trump simply got outvoted. Lucky for him. He only ran into a roadblock called democracy.

Off to your gilded gold toilets in Mar-a-Lago, you go, sir, because in America we do not elect kings. We overthrow them, just a little more politely than the rest of the world.

As I said, lucky for you, sir. Lucky for you.