One Day in our Lives Captures Every Other Day

It’s been said many times that a picture is worth a thousand words. This issue of SFGN embodies that notion.

Last year, the standard of all gay monthlies, The Advocate, came up with the unique idea of asking its readers to submit photos capturing portraits and events of their lives on a specific date. The result was a spectacular photo collage entitled ‘A Day in Gay America,’first published by The Advocate in November of 2010. Their second annual photo project inspired me to say, ‘Why Not Us?’

We chose the date November 12, 2011, and we asked you, our readers, to send us pictures of how you lived your life on that day. The response was awesome. Thus begat ‘A Day in Gay South Florida.’ Am I ever proud and grateful for your response and participation! There were so many contributions we could not print them all, but you have touched my heart as the year comes to an end. You have showed me that you care about us as much as we care about you.


We are here to record the LGBT life of our community. Most of us do not live our life in the headlines. We just wake up, go to work, do our jobs, love our parents, raise our families, partner with our friends, and tie our shoelaces one at a time. We are ordinary people doing ordinary things and living ordinary lives -- which makes us extraordinary and exceptional. “If Athens shall appear great to you,” wrote Pericles, “consider that her greatness was purchased by decent people doing their duty with dignity and honor every day.”

This newspaper embraces the LGBT community in all its breadth and with all its diverse dimensions. This photographic supplement captures snapshots of one day, but it mirrors our lives every day. From the professionals who led our team to the anonymous amateurs who simply submitted snapshots, we capture the heart and soul of our lives. After all, our lives as LGBT community members are simply a mirror and reflection of the larger community we are a part of, and not apart from. It is why next month, in the New Year, when, our quarterly magazine, publishes its third issue, it will be renamed ‘The Mirror.’

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