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Pier Angelo, CEO of SFGN

(Mirror) Now that 2019 is well underway, you should not only be planning this years vacation, but thinking about next year and even 2021. I have already taken my dream cruise this year. After 40 years I finally made it to Cuba and scratched it off my bucket list.

My husband and I went to Havana this past February with MIM Travel. It was perfect, smooth and worth the wait. The MIM groupwas hosted and chaperoned by NormKempkens ( and ran like clockwork. 

Our group of mature men and their admirers were a lot of fun and we made several new friendswhile basking in the sights of the forbidden city. The cruise even offered exclusive privateentertainment by the amazing Bob Lawsons Mind Gaymes, a show that will blow you away.

Cruises are now available to book until the middle of 2021 and the most popular destinations will book early. Get yourself a little TLC by indulging in an unforgettable cruise. The perfect vacation not only ignites curiosity and wonder in the destinations you visit, but also offers beautiful experiences while getting there. One of the byproducts of traveling is it’s sort of an instant reset button. If you go to countries that are not as fortunate as the U.S., you will realize that you arent the center of the universe and that people around you have much bigger issues and problems than you do, and with that you will feel more compassion and understanding for people.

I hope this travel-themed issue will encourage you to look for new places to visit.

Spread your wings and bon voyage.


Santa Margherita

mirror santa Margherita

TOTAL WINE - $ 22.99

Santa Margherita grows luscious, aromatic Glera grapes in the gentle hills of Valdobbiadene, a town synonymous with the finest Prosecco Superiore, and DOCG status – the highest and most distinctive classification possible. For starting a celebration or sipping throughout a lively dinner, this bubbly favorite is an aromatic, fresh and vibrant treasure and is one that you can share again and again.

 (Via YouTube)


Saint Andre Triple Cream Cheese

Mirror saintandretriplecreamcheese

7 oz wheel – approx. $ 10.95 available at Publix and Whole Foods

The repute of Saint Andre extends to both categories of casual shoppers and knowledgeable cheese and wine aficionados as the most famous "triple-creme" in the United States, Saint Andre has been referred to for the past 30 years as the "heavenly cheese.” This triple cream cheese is as rich as pure butter. It delivers a tongue-pleasing salty tang that derives from the ocean air blowing through the pastures of the Normandy coast.


(Via: Savencia Cheese USA)

 Mental Beats Pure Wireless Earbuds (Black & Red)


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