Kindle Commercial is Advertising at its Best

This could have been a news article. It is going to be a short editorial.

Most of all, it is an absolute directive from me to you to go online and view this subtle video, which in a few scenes says more about emerging diversity in America than any commercial I think has ever been produced.

It has won my ‘Addie’ the equivalent of an Oscar, Emmy, or Golden Globe rolled together. I want to tell you about it on one hand, let you see it first on the other.

So spoiler alert, read it here first, or watch it on YouTube later:

Beach Scene.

Tropical Waves.

Sun, Umbrella.

Handsome Man.

Beautiful Women.

Boy Hits on Girl.

Says we ‘should get a drink.’

She Politely declines.

Points to beach bar.

“My husband,” she says, “is getting me one now.”

Handsome man not offended; not put off.

He turns to gorgeous women, and says:

“How about that?” he replies, “So is mine.”

Camera flashes to beach bar, where his husband,

And girl’s husband, both flash a smile and toast their drinks.

Wow !

Human Rights, so simply defined.

A commercial, so superbly produced!

SFGN’s compliments to the chefs, the creators and the visionary minds who put this all together.

How much it says, and how well it says it. Norm Kent

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