From the Publisher: The Smart Ride Rolls On

Raising over $850,000 along the way, the Smart Ride gives life to the testimony of the late anthropologist, Margaret Mead, that a small group of committed people can change the world.

As we featured last week in our cover story, over 713 riders cycled from Miami to Key West in order to commemorate the lives lost from the pandemic of AIDS, which we will celebrate again next week in somber ceremonies on World AIDS Day.

In a sense, as the drugs improve, and people live with HIV rather than die from it, we have become too complacent over the way things are. But in the past few years, the waiting lists for life-saving drugs has grown, and a cure is still not certain. So the walks, the rides, and rallies must continue.

Next year, SFGN will work with, sponsor and embrace the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s Walk and Concert on the Fort Lauderdale Beach, March 24, 2013. We encourage you to participate. What you gain from a Smart Ride or AIDS walk is something words can’t adequately describe.

To partake with friends in journeys like these is to infuse yourself with a mobilizing spirit, an indomitable energy, and irrepressible force. Every step you take, every spoke you turn, brings you closer to the day when you celebrate not a crisis, but a cure.

To those who pedaled last week from Miami to Key West, we support and salute you. To those who provided support and succor, the crew, the massage therapist, the first aiders, we admire and applaud you. You have helped make our world a healthier, safer place, and by bringing to light the plight of many, you have, with pride and passion, illuminated your own lives as well.

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