The LGBT community has had a friend in the White House for four years, and that partnership continues.

We insured that progressive social causes would move forward, not backward.

By standing with the President, America embraced diversity and breadth, enhancing, rather than infringing rights for all.

You see, America has always stood by those seeking human rights, and over a path of years, we have seen the disgrace of discrimination dissolve.

That discrimination impacted African-Americans, who were constitutionally treated as three-fifths of a citizen when this nation was founded. That discrimination denied women universal suffrage. That same discrimination denied gays and lesbians the rights to marry or serve in the military.

Slowly, surely, but certainly, and confidently, the march to tomorrow continues. Going forward, women won’t have to debate their rights to abortions, and we won’t have to defend who we love. And Big Bird is safe.

We always knew we were on the right side of history, and to deny us fundamental human rights was to be wrong.

Salute those who fought before us, and are no longer here, from Harvey Milk to Lt. Matlovich. Fight like hell, never to give up what you have won today.