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Welcome back to Sound Bite Q, the column that thanks the advertisers who support SFGN. As always, we invite you to support them, because without their outreach to us, we would not be here to reach out to you.

More importantly, local papers only survive in our busy world because we are all connected to each other. When you think about it, a quarter page or half page ad alone just does not effectively communicate the breadth of a person or their business.

For me, this column does more than encourage you to patronize one of SFGN’s advertisers. It lets you know a little bit more about our friends and enables you to feel a little bit more comfortable using their services with the limited dollars you have available.

Natura Dermatology & Cosmetics

It has been an exciting year for Dr. Will Richardson, who provided his Facebook friends with a daily report of his soul-fulfilling journey to Jerusalem. It was an individually transformative experience he catalogued online. So too is it possible for you to become enriched and fulfilled by accessing the good doctor’s personal health services.

Natura defines its mission so as to ensure that no one suffers from melanoma. With tempered therapeutics and impeccable patient concern, Dr. Richardson delivers cosmetic dermatology with devotion and care, cutting edge technology supervised personally with precision and passion.

With the addition of Ulthera and Zektiq at his practice, Dr. Richardson’s aesthetic treatments leave patients with a sense of self-confidence and peace of mind second to none. From laser therapy to injectable, Natura Dermatology and Cosmetics has elevated the standards for the experience of personal health and skin care.

New technologies are unveiled every day for cool sculpting, dermatitis, and skin disorders. Dr. Richardson’s practice stays on top of its game, providing concierge level services for all the emerging procedures, from botox to resurfacing. Having just celebrated a birthday in my early 60’s, I do believe I am going to trespass the waters, and treat myself to a little therapy. I look forward to reporting back to you soon about what Dr. Will did for little old me.

With offices on Bayview Drive in Fort Lauderdale and State Road 7 in Coconut Creek, do what I am going to do and give him a call today at 954-537-4106, or book online at It’s simple.

Pallant Insurance Agency a Solid Team

Pallant Insurance Agency is operated by a good friend, Joe Pallant. He is such a good buddy he brought me an amazing deep rich chocolate cake for my birthday last week. Of course, I am diabetic. But here is the thing. Joe’s office is deceptive when you drive by on Northeast 26th Street.

It is a family of friends servicing our entire community in a modern and pleasant work environment, with a dock and patio in their backyard. They are a team of agents providing full service and unlimited expertise to South Florida homeowners from Monroe County to Palm Beach, with a tenure of over 15 years in the marketplace, skilled and seasoned in rates and underwriting.

Joe notes that “As independent agents specializing in homeowners, hurricane and flood insurance, we work with several different insurance companies with only B+ or better ratings, to ensure that you have the best possible options for the coverage you need to protect one of your most valuable assets—your home.”

At Pallant Insurance Agency, they strive to make the confusing process of acquiring homeowners insurance as comfortable and easy as possible. Working directly with you, your bank, the title company, your realtor, inspectors, and of course, the insurance company, they deliver more than just a policy, but more importantly, peace of mind. Aligning themselves with A Rated companies, delivering you competitive rates and unsurpassed service is their daily goal.

Knowing that your home and belongings are protected in a region subject to floods, storms, and hurricanes is a significant stress reliever. Stop by his office and pick up one of those rubber duckys that will make you smile, meet the team mascot, and have a cup of coffee to go with that insurance policy. When you are protecting everything you have, you want people that can give you everything they have: security, knowledge, and reliability. You can depend on Joe Pallant and his team.

Check it out online at or call 954-522-3800.

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