Miami Model and gay news columnist, Mark A. Turnipseed is sharing his personal coming-out story in the new LGBT memoir, “My Suicide Race,” a gritty and tragic story that ends with the promise of a new life.

Author Mark A. Turnipseed said, “In writing this memoir I relived demons I thought were buried, I battled truths I long fought to deny, I faced fears that didn’t even come up in my worst dreams but I also unearthed the greatest treasure I believe exists. I brought to life a lost and scared child who helped me to find my heart, my soul, my identity, my truth and now it is my gift, to you in hopes that we can build a stronger future with our combined stories of strength and hope.” “My Suicide Race” is available in paperback, e-book, and audio (soon) editions at bookstores nationwide and at


In this unflinchingly honest debut memoir, Mark takes us on a harrowing journey as he bounces off the restrictive walls of his closet and plunges into the darkness of drug and alcohol addiction, prostitution, and suicide attempts. He bravely lets us inside the raw, tragic mind of an addict and sexual trauma survivor whose self-denial threatens to destroy him and everyone who loves him. After surviving numerous relapses, Mark finally finds a surprising key to saving his own life.
While training for a triathlon, he embraces a fresh commitment to sober strategies that lead to good health, self-acceptance, and authenticity — offering hope for all who struggle with the shame and self-hatred that fuel addictions. “My Suicide Race” unveils the often-unseen links between addiction, suicidal ideation, and the trauma of coming out.


Father of two sons and psychology graduate with 5+ years of mental health experience, Mark A. Turnipseed is a fitness coach and LGBT columnist, an addiction recovery advocate, model and speaker, and is now the author of “My Suicide Race: Winning Over the Trauma of Addiction, Recovery, and Coming Out.”

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