Before My Transgender Date was founded in 2013, there was no proper dating platform specifically designed for trans women.

A lot of these supposed trans dating sites would allow or promote pornography, hookups, and prostitution. Profiles would have nude photos, scammers and sex workers, which added to the stigma that trans women were not interested in genuine love connections.

Trans women who wanted to find real love on those sites were often sexually harassed, scammed, or found themselves heartbroken because of indecent behavior by users of those sites. That’s what pushed the founders of My Transgender Date, Cyril Mazur and Maki Gingoyon, to create a dating site that was different from the rest.

Maki, who is a Filipino trans beauty queen and activist for trans rights, was dating Cyril, a French Entrepreneur based in the Philippines at the time they had the idea of creating a dating site for trans women. Both of them were aware of the situation that many trans women did not have the opportunity to find real love.

In 2013, My Ladyboy Date went public. The site, which is marketed towards the Asian audience, remains popular in countries like Thailand and the Philippines where there are huge populations of trans women. The term ladyboy is more commonly used in Asia and doesn’t carry the same stigma it does in the west. A year later, My Transsexual Date was born. There was a need to create a second brand for western members since many weren’t on board with the term ladyboy.

Another problem that the founders wanted to address was employment for trans women, which is why the team behind My Transgender Date is mostly made up of trans women. Having creative writers and hardworking moderators who identify as trans also ensures that trans women’s opinions are heard and that the site is truly designed for them.

Values and Mission

What makes My Transgender Date different from all other dating sites is its values. In this world where dating culture can often translate to meaningless hookups, My Transgender Date emphasizes the importance of finding genuine connections between trans women and trans-oriented men. This is the top site to actually find real love with trans women and men who are attracted to them, and they have had a solid reputation of bringing couples together for almost 10 years.

Unlike any other site, the founders and the teamwork towards breaking stigmas when it comes to trans dating. Prostitution, pay for pleasure, and sexual encounters are strictly prohibited on the site and the moderators keep the site safe from all of this 24/7. This makes My Transgender Date a safe place for trans women to find the right person for them.

My Transgender Date tries to break down negative stereotypes through education and awareness through blogs and social media. These outlets give trans women a voice to share their stories, experiences, advice, and many more that might help other trans women who are going through the same thing.


Because of the values that My Transgender Date instilled in its community, it has become the leading dating site for trans women and trans-oriented men with over 1.2 million profiles and 55,000+ active monthly users. But its popularity also comes with its latest challenge, rebranding from My Transsexual Date to My Transgender Date.

Just this year, the site name was changed from the former to the latter. The term transsexual is still very much valid, but it has lost its popularity and usage to the term transgender. In a move towards inclusivity, the change in branding had to be made.

There has been positive feedback towards the change especially with members of the site who preferred the term transgender. My Transgender Date also wanted to make the change to let their members know their opinions and that they themselves are valued. This is one of the reasons why My Transgender Date continues to successfully be on top of the dating game for trans women.