The City of Wilton Manors is embarking on an exciting path of reinvention and visioning for the future. 

The Island City, nestled in between the Cities of Oakland Park and Fort Lauderdale has always taken great pride in its individuality and protected its desire to remain a small urban village despite South Florida’s trend toward more intense development.  Times are changing, and like other innovative municipalities around the world, Wilton Manors is figuring out how to ensure the future sustainability of its community, identity, and way of life while opening  doors to dynamic development and investment.  “We understand that as City Leaders we must take bold steps to cultivate the City we want to be and not just wait for the development community to determine our future”, says Mayor Justin Flippen.  

Over the last few years, the City has been evaluating its land use policies and is in the final phases of proposing significant updates to improve the urban form along the major commercial and transportation corridors throughout the City. By the end of 2019, the City will consider changes along Wilton Drive, Andrews Avenue, and NE 26thStreet that will add additional density to support transit oriented development. Land-use changes come with higher design standards to ensure that the new urban form does not feel out of scale with existing neighborhood characteristics that have become the standard in Wilton Manors. 

These land use changes will be completed in conjunction with significant investments currently underway along Wilton Drive, which will work to provide a more walkable downtown and will allow for outdoor cafes, public gathering spaces, a redesign of Jaycee Park, and improved landscaping and street furnishings.

“The City of Wilton Manors will be making significant investments in the public realm over the next five years”, says City Manager Leigh Ann Henderson.  The City’s staff is currently working on their long-term utilities and public services plan to support the City’s vision for increased development. “We are a small city, and therefore we plan our investments carefully and take a conservative approach to development. Our vision for the future must be supported by a solid public service infrastructure”, says City Manager Henderson.  

Another exciting effort currently underway are the City Hall Visioning Public Workshops, the first of which was held in May.  The City is working with the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council to establish a Master Plan for the potential redevelopment of the City Hall and its surrounding property.  The Community will have an opportunity to share their thoughts about what kind of new uses they would like to see on this site, as the City considers engaging a developer to reimagine the most central and pivotal location along Wilton Drive.  Current community suggestions include a Hotel, residential, upgraded recreational facilities, cultural gathering spaces, additional parking, and commercial space.  

Wilton Manors is a small city with big vision, which means that it is ripe for economic expansion, investment, long term success, and prosperity. Community engagement and business partnerships are key to this development and will result in success for residents, businesses and the City overall.

Interested in development or investment opportunities in the City of Wilton Manors, contact, Pamela Landi, Assistant City Manager, 954-390-2103.