Ohio state Rep. Wes Goodman can’t keep himself out of headlines these days. The Representative, whose resignation and sexual assault made news last week, has now been accused of several different cases of harassment from testimonies of young men that have interacted with him.

Independent Journal Review obtained testimonies from over 30 individuals who have had inappropriate and never-before-shared experiences with Goodman on social media.

The lawmaker, according to screenshots from his Facebook and Snapchat messages gathered by IJR, would target young men by first messaging them in hopes of being their “mentor.” Then the conversations would escalate to Goodman sending explicit content, such as sending the young men nudes of himself and asking pervasive sexual questions.

The men who relayed their experiences with Goodman to IJR decided to remain anonymous to insure their safety and privacy. When describing their interactions most stated that the scenario would always center around Goodman late night texting that his wife is asleep and “he’s lonely.”

“He would snap me late at night around 2 and 3 a.m. saying his wife was sleeping and he was bored and lonely,” said one source. “Goodman asked me personal questions such as if I have a girlfriend or I was single and 'how big I was down there.' He also asked if I was the big or small spoon and the catcher or the pitcher.”

One source discussed how manipulative Goodman was by showing that what first started off as a mentorship would quickly shift into extreme levels of sexual harassment.  

“He asked if I would be coming up to D.C. in January for March for Life. He also repeatedly invited me up to Ohio so I could job shadow him and tour the Ohio Capital. Then in November 2016, one night, he started a conversation about how his wife was asleep and he was bored,” said one source.

The source went on to discuss that even when he chose not to respond, Goodman would not let up, eventually leading to him blocking the politician.

“I didn't reply for about 30 min after opening the Snapchat. Then, he sent me videos of him masturbating as well as d**k pics,” the source said. “He also sent another Snapchat asking how big my penis was. I immediately blocked him. He later [messaged] me on both Instagram and Facebook leading me to block him on both apps as well."

Goodman as of last week has deactivated all of his social media and campaign sites.