White House Watch: Scott Walker

Wisconsin’s Scott Kevin Walker busts his way into SFGN’s White House Watch this week. The Wisconsin Governor is a leading contender for the Republican Party’s U.S. Presidential nomination.

Walker, 47, is reportedly connected to the 527 organization, “Our American Revival,” which lists a Middletown, Wisconsin mailing address. On its website, the group declares it will “work with citizens and leaders across the country to promote policies that restore power to the states and their people.”

A Walker bid in the crowded GOP field does produce hope in some sections of the party. The Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Henninger writes, “People say they ‘like’ Scott Walker for what he did in Wisconsin. Agreed. Let’s see how he handles himself over 10 rounds with three other Republicans before climbing into the ring with Mrs. Clinton.”

Walker entered the national spotlight due to a highly contentious election and subsequent recall effort, a movement he managed to stave off. During his campaign, Walker was often at odds with organized labor.

American Revival states it will help put power back in the hands of the taxpayers by taking on big government union bosses through collective bargaining and pension reforms.

On LGBT issues, Walker has a voting record that is not friendly to gay and lesbian couples. He voted for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in Wisconsin, defended the ban and supports a federal amendment to allow states to define marriage.

But last month Walker disclosed to reporters he had attended a gay wedding reception of a relative.

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