White House Watch: John Kasich

We are getting to the end of our list here at SFGN’s White House Watch. Thus far we have written about 19 potential candidates who desire to become the next President of the United States. Ohio Governor John Richard Kasich makes it 20.

Kasich, 63, has campaigned for the U.S. Presidency before – in the 2000 election, although he dropped out before the Iowa caucus and threw his support to George W. Bush. Ohio voters elected Kasich their Governor in 2010 during a national wave of Republican victories.

“It’s time to put aside the petty differences that divide us and rediscover the values that we all share, which have made America great,” says Kasich in a video on the website of his political action committee, New Day for America. Kasich continues, “Values like personal responsibility, community, respect, courage, and, of course, faith. There is so much more that brings us together than that divides us.”

Kasich’s resume includes commentary work on the Fox News Channel and a management role in Lehman Brothers Investment Bank. The bank was part of the infamous financial collapse of Wall Street in 2008.

The state of Ohio does not recognize same-sex marriage. In 2004, Ohio enacted a statue to exclude same-sex couples from marriage or any legal status similar to marriage. Last month, Kasich told reporters in Columbus, Ohio, if the U.S. Supreme Court authorizes same-same marriage then Ohio would respect the law. He also stated he would attend a same-sex wedding if invited by a friend. “It’s a time to celebrate,” he said.

It should also be noted Ohio hosts the 2016 Republican National Convention.

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