Jim Webb is a decorated U.S. soldier, former senator from Virginia (2007-2013) and the subject of this week’s SFGN White House Watch. James Henry “Jim” Webb, Jr. is currently exploring a U.S. Presidential campaign. In November of 2014, he announced intentions to seek the Democratic Party’s nomination.

“This country needs leadership,” said Webb in an interview with C-SPAN.

The 69-year-old Webb comes from a military family. His father served in the U.S. Air Force and his son is a U.S. Marine with tours of service in Ramadi, Iraq as a rifleman. Webb, U.S. Secretary of the Navy under President Ronald Reagan, said being President requires one to manage the most complex byzantine bureaucracy in the world and communicate with a sense of purpose.

Webb is an author of 10 books, an Emmy Award winner and currently penning a screenplay. He defeated George Allen, a Republican, in the U.S. Senate campaign in Virginia by recruiting more than 14,000 volunteers.

In his recent interview on C-SPAN, Webb said he warned five months before the invasion of Iraq that the move by then President George W. Bush would be a “strategic blunder” that would only “empower Iran.” The consequences of this U.S. led invasion, Webb said, is “divisive sectarian violence we have seen.”

On LGBT issues, Webb has largely been silent. His “Born Fighting” political action committee focuses on national security, foreign policy, economic fairness and social justice issues. He has six children and his current wife, Hong Le Webb, was “scooped up out of the ocean by the U.S. Navy,” Webb said.