White House Watch for August 19, 2015

Wisconsin Governor Scott Waker, (R-WI).

On the Republican front Donald Trump continues to suck up all of the oxygen in the race. And despite numerous unfavorable stories and attacks from the other republican candidates his poll numbers are remaining steady…with him on top of the latest polls. Insiders still hesitate to call him the frontrunner because they don’t believe people will end up voting for him.

In other Republican news Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who was once the clear favorite to win Iowa, now has dropped to third behind neurosurgeon Ben Carson and Trump. Walker saw his poll numbers in the state drop from 18 to 11 percent in one week after the first Republican debate. Insiders say Iowa is a must win state for Walker.

On the Democratic front Hillary continues to dominate the national polls, but in one outlier New Hampshire poll her Independent-turned-Democrat rival Bernie Sanders has overtaken her with 45 percent to her 35 percent.

Rumors abound with stories of both former Vice President Al Gore and current Vice President Joe Biden jumping into the race. The Gore rumors seem, for now, like a stretch with his closet advisers from 2000 disavowing them.

However Biden appears to at least be considering a run for the White House. The VP has run twice before in 1988 and 2008. Sources say he’s mapping out a path to victory and will decide by the end of summer. One path to victory has him skipping Iowa and New Hampshire, starting his run in South Carolina, the third state to vote. Some worry that if he jumps in he’d only take away votes from Clinton giving Sanders an opening to win some of the early states.

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