As of Monday evening there were still 15 declared major candidates for the Republican Party’s U.S. Presidential nomination. Six of those do not even net one percent of support in a respected New Hampshire poll.

So what is the deal in the Grand Old Party?

Here’s what we know: Political outsiders Donald Trump and Ben Carson still lead the pack. Carson, a retired neurosurgeon with a home in Palm Beach County, leads the latest polls in Iowa and is undoubtedly riding high.

Carson announced on Sunday his campaign raised $10 million in the month of October. He is scheduled to sign copies of his book, “A More Perfect Union: What We The People Can Do To Reclaim Our Constitutional Liberties,” Thursday, Nov. 5 at the Barnes & Noble in Fort Lauderdale (2051 N. Federal Hwy.)

While he leads in Iowa, a state that historically favors Republicans with an evangelical base, Carson still trails Trump nationally and is fighting off questions of his involvement with Mannatech, a nutritional supplement company. Cracks in the Carson armor are also beginning to show concerning his story of attacking a “friend” with a knife as a high school freshman in Baltimore.

For gay Americans, Carson presents several problems; most notably suggesting that prison turns people gay and same-sex marriage will lead to disaster like the fall of the Roman Empire.

Meanwhile, Marco Rubio appears to be benefitting the most from last week’s CNBC debate, surging to third in the latest Monmouth University poll of likely New Hampshire Republican voters. Rubio, Florida’s junior U.S. Senator came off strong in an exchange with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush over whether he should resign his Senate seat while campaigning for President.

Bush, however, fired back on Monday at a campaign event in Tampa, rebranding himself as Mr. Fix It and taking a veiled shot at Rubio by stating, “the answer isn’t sending someone from one side of the capital city to the other.”  Bundling Rubio with President Obama, Bush said, “the challenges we face as a nation are too great to roll the dice on another presidential experiment.”

Elsewhere, on the Democratic front, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton remains in a commanding lead, followed by Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders and Ex-Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley. The trio are scheduled to appear at a forum on Friday in Rock Hill, South Carolina to be moderated by MSNBC anchor and out lesbian Rachel Maddow.