After months of the focus being on billionaire Donald Trump, that shifts a bit this week to the democratic race with their first debate taking place last night (the debate took place after SFGN went to print, so check for our coverage).

Despite CNN holding a spot open for him at the debate Vice President Joe Biden declined to be on stage and still has yet to announce his intentions. Biden’s supporters have continued to push the deadline on when he will announce, first saying the end of summer, then by October and finally by the first debate. All of which have now come and gone. But his team did meet with the Democratic National Committee to discuss upcoming filing deadlines suggesting the Vice President is at least taking the preliminary steps for a possible run.

The latest Real Clear Politics polling average has Clinton up by 18 points at 43.3 percent, with independent Bernie Sanders in second with 25.1 percent, and Biden in third with 17.4 percent. None of the other candidates receive more than 1 percent of the vote. It remains to be seen if any them get a boost after the debate.

On the Republican front Trump leads the pack with 23.7 percent, with neurosurgeon Ben Carson in second at 18.4 percent. The rest of the candidates all have an average of less than 10 percent.

This week presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz blasted the military for embracing transgender people.

"How about having the military focusing on hunting down and killing the bad guys...instead of treating it as this crucible for social justice innovations,” the Washington Post reported. “We’ve lost sight of what their job is and that’s what we need to get back to."

Meanwhile it was announced this week that Trump will host Saturday Night Live on November 7. Clinton appeared in a well-received skit during the show’s season premier two weeks ago.