The Mayor of West Palm Beach has issued a directive to all city staff: No more business trips to North Carolina.

In response to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory’s decision to remove municipal ordinances that protect the human rights of all people, West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio issued the following statement:

"For more than two decades, West Palm Beach has been in the forefront, protecting the civil rights and ensuring equality for the LGBT community. Until North Carolina's discriminatory law is amended or repealed, West Palm Beach taxpayers will not subsidize legally-sanctioned discrimination against LGBT people."

McCrory, with the North Carolina senate’s backing, stripped away anti-discrimination local ordinances on March 23. The Republican Governor took particular exception with the City of Charlotte’s recent passing of a transgender inclusive human rights ordinance. McCrory, like many cultural conservatives before him, used public restrooms as a reason why Charlotte's ordinance is bad policy.

“The basic expectation of privacy in the most personal of settings, a restroom or locker room, for each gender was violated by government overreach and intrusion by the mayor and city council of Charlotte,”

McCrory told the Associated Press. “This radical breach of trust and security under the false argument of equal access not only impacts the citizens of Charlotte but people who come to Charlotte to work, visit or play. This new government regulation defies common sense and basic community norms by allowing, for example, a man to use a woman’s bathroom, shower or locker room.”

Several Fortune 500 companies, including tech giants Apple, IBM, Google and Facebook have called on the Governor to reconsider his actions. For West Palm Beach city employees, Muoio’s travel ban means no official visits to the Research Triangle, Outer Banks, Great Smoky Mountains or other notable places of distinction in North Carolina.

"We commend Mayor Muoio for putting her strong beliefs against bigotry into action by prohibiting taxpayer dollars being used in North Carolina," said Palm Beach County Human Rights Council Founder Rand Hoch.