In just over three weeks since its creation, the Twinks4Trump satirical Twitter account has earned over 3,500 followers. In an interview with New York magazine, its creator, Cody Permenter, talks about how he started the account, its success, why Donald Trump is a #daddy, and the current presidential election.

 Permenter, 24, who works in social media in Seattle, told NY magazine the idea for @Twinks4Trump started after he watched a CNN report about three hunky bros gushing over their support for Trump.

"I thought those interviews were absolutely hilarious, and I just made a comment to my friend, 'What is up with these twinks nowadays? What are these twinks for Trump doing?' And then I was like, 'Oh, Twinks for Trump. That sounds kinetically pleasing and could be hilarious.' I was wondering if there are actually gay people who support Donald Trump," he told the magazine. "That's kind of how the whole idea came around." 

It should be noted that the Twitter account's bio picture is of Tate Moyer, one of the three young men featured in CNN's video.

Permenter goes on to say he does not identify as a twink, saying: "I am a gay man, but I'm definitely more of a cub or a bear. Also hilarious to me is the idea that this large gay man could run a Twinks for Trump account. A point that the Twitter account's trying to make is how absurd Donald."

When asked if actual gay Trump supporters have interacted with @Twinks4Trump, Permenter said several"bromos" tweeted their support for the GOP presidential frontrunner. 

"The most intriguing to me are these individuals from the LGBT community who actually support Donald Trump and think he would actually be the best president," he told NY magazine. "They're kind of interesting." 

Though most of the feedback has been positive, Permenter said he's had some criticism. He said there's "been more liberal criticism than conservative criticism, I would say. But this is not a large amount of criticism. Most people understand the joke. What's most intriguing to me are people who are actually gay GOP members who are following the account and having a good laugh with it."

Permenter said his goal with the account is to bring "a level of absurdity to the election that can match Donald Trump's absurdity, and having fun with it."

"I'm not naïve, I know that this election will have a lot of consequences for a lot of people, and some of those won't be so good depending on who wins, but I think that we shouldn't lose our ability to have fun and to laugh at it," he added.

Permenter admits he is simply trolling and trying to "troll the master troll." He also said he is not being "earnest at all."

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