Someone just took Walk of Fame vandalism to a whole new level.

A sledgehammer demolished presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame just two weeks away from Election Day.

A man named Jamie Otis claimed responsibility for the act. He claims he dressed up as a construction worker and approached Hollywood Boulevard with the sledgehammer and a pickaxe, Deadline reports.

Originally, Otis intended to take the star out of the ground and auction it to raise money for Trump’s sexual assault victims.

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Trump’s star was granted in 2007 because of his work on The Apprentice. Jay Leno and Larry King both spoke at the ceremony.

This isn’t the first time someone vandalized his Walk of Fame star. Earlier this year, one Los Angeles street artist built a mini wall around the star — a nod to Trump’s plan of building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. The wall even had tiny razor wire along the top.

Although there’s a petition to remove his star from Hollywood Boulevard, The Chamber of Commerce isn’t budging.

“The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a registered historic landmark,” said the group’s president, according to Pink News. “Once a star has been added to the Walk, it is considered a part of the historic fabric of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Because of this, we have never removed a star from the Walk.”

The Chamber of Commerce may have never removed a star, but now somebody else sure did.