Trump's Maternity Leave Policy Snubs LGBT Community

Trump discussing maternity leave policies? It sounds good in theory, but the reality is it's an insult to women, men and children in the U.S.

Tuesday, standing beside his daughter Ivanka, Donald Trump announced a proposal for a six-week maternity leave policy for new mothers. This is a step up from the current policy, which grants mothers zero weeks of paid leave. He also proposed tax credits for stay-at-home moms.

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However, the women are only given six weeks of unemployed benefits — not what they would normally be paid. This means it’s not fully paid leave, and women miss out on potential earnings that men do not.

On top of that, Trump’s proposed policy snubs men. The fathers of the children get no paid leave whatsoever, including single fathers who may need time to adjust to parenthood.

The policy also has no mention of same-sex couples that have children. In theory, two fathers adopting a newborn will have no time to be with their families. In contrast, it may be possible for both members of a lesbian couple to receive maternity leave.

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”Yes, I would like [Trump’s plan] to be better and include men and make sure it’s broad,” Working Mother Media Editorial Director Jennifer Owens told The Huffington Post. “But on the good side I’m glad because him talking about it means people are talking about it.”

Cosmopolitan though called the plan absurd writing:

"What's most glaringly odd about Trump's proposal, of course, is that in the year 2016, he is offering maternity leave. Only mothers can apply for the unemployment insurance. Fathers are left out completely. But it isn't just us heteronormative dads who aren't covered. His plan makes no mention of LGBT relationships. Two dads adopting a kid? No leave for you. (In fact, the maternity leave policy doesn't mention adoptive parents at all.) If a newborn has two moms, are they both eligible for unemployment insurance? What if, god forbid, a mother dies in childbirth? Can a single dad apply for leave to take care of his newborn child, or does his gender mean he's out of luck? (Needless to say, the Republican nominee's plan doesn't address questions of transgender or nonbinary parents.)"

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