Today, on the eve of the two-month anniversary of the deadly massacre that took the lives of 49 people and injured 53 others, Presidential Candidate Donald Trump and Florida Senator Marco Rubio joined in an anti-LGBT event in Orlando.

"Instead of honoring the memory of those we lost at Pulse two months ago, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio have come to Orlando to headline a gathering of some of the nation’s most incendiary anti-gay bigots," said DNC Chair Donna Brazile and LGBT Caucus Chair Earl Fowlkes in a joint statement. "We at the DNC join all people of good conscience in expressing our solidarity with the Orlando LGBT community as they continue to grieve the deadliest shooting in American history."

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They added: "We suggest Trump and Rubio disavow these anti-gay extremists who have likened gay people to Nazis and characterized HIV/AIDS as divine ‘penalties' for being gay. Failing to do so will be yet another example of the utter lack of judgment that makes Trump unfit to serve."
In response, Equality Florida hosted a peaceful rally and press conference today. LGBT leaders, faith leaders and community members joined together in Orlando in direct response to Rubio and Trump attending the anti-gay event.
They said in a statement: "In the midst of our grief, we demand an end to hatred and bigotry of all kinds, call for the passage of fully inclusive anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people, and urge our elected officials to support common sense gun violence prevention measures to honor the 49 lives cut short by hatred."