Transgender Candidate, Donna Milo, For Miami Commissioner in District 2

Milo shares her vision for Miami’s future and clarifies her stance on gay marriage

Former Planning Advisory Board Vice-Chairman and community activist Donna Milo is gaining popularity and setting new standards since she announced her candidacy for City of Miami Commissioner for District 2. The election is set to be held November 1st and I had the opportunity to meet with her recently for a conversation about her aspirations for Miami.

Milo is no stranger to the political scene. She ran as a Transgender Republican for Congress in May 2010 for Florida's 20th congressional district. Milo came in third with an impressive 22 percent of the vote, which is a high percentage considering that records indicate the third-place candidate typically receives between 10 and 18 percent of the vote.

"It was my run for Congress in 2010 that I - as well as others - realized that I was very successful at pulling in constituents and voters,” she said. “It was shortly after that when I realized that I still had the compassionate desire to do something positive in my own community right here in Miami, so I announced my candidacy for Miami Commissioner in March."

Of course politics does not come without controversy as there have been statements printed in reports floating around the internet in which Milo referred to as "fabricated lies.” One of those reports in question said Milo is against gay marriage. Her remarks, she said, were misconstrued and completely taken out of context. This is what The Advocate reported: "Donna Milo is a social conservative who has said marriage should be a religious sacrament restricted to heterosexual couples and that ‘traditional families’ should have priority for adopting children over gay couples."

Milo replied with sincere emotion, "As a parent myself, no child should ever become a ward to the state and a two-parent home is always what's best for a child whether they be gay parents or straight parents.

As for marriage equality, “I support marriage equality 100 percent, as well as the separation of church and state.”

When asked what makes her different from all the other candidates she replied:

"Miami is a city on the brink, a city in a bad economy, and plagued by mis-management, where small business owners are suffering and/or failing. The city has internal auditor, and let us not forget the SEC and FDLE investigations that Miami still wakes up to everyday."

I wanted to know what her plan was to solve the issues in Miami since so many candidates during their campaign are quick to point out flaws in the community and problems in government, yet often times they fail to offer a real solution.

Milo was the opposite. She was quick to offer her plan to restore Miami back to a polished, "world-class city.” Her plan is to start off by making it easier for small businesses to open and getting the budget under control. She would do this by eliminating the practice of giving a privileged select few the ability to be awarded lavish contracts in most of the bigger projects in Miami. Additionally, she would like to make the system more competitive and transparent by streamlining the building permit process and the process to obtain occupational licenses. Milo has compassion for small business as she is the only candidate with approximately 5 years experience on the planning advisory board and more than 30 years experience as a small business owner making her the most qualified concerning these issues.

Milo has also served on the Board of City Miami Commission on the Status of Women, the Miami Dade Domestic Violence Oversight Board and the Metropolitan Miami Action Plan Nominating Committee.

My impression of Milo, a Cuban American, is that she is a profoundly "inspirational" person who is remarkably loyal to her commitments and devoted passions/aspirations for her community. When I look at her I don't view her as a "transsexual" female - not only because she is so passable to the naked eye -but also because she is such a brilliant, intelligent lady who has a compelling admiration and extreme dedication for Miami. She is driven with passion and a plan to fix the problems and problems that the city faces today. She’s also very focused on bringing physical sanity, safety, and prosperity to the city.

She would also like to find a way to eliminate the politicization of civil service positions. She utilized the phrase, "Crony hires right now," in reference to job positions being politicized and unfair. I was fascinated to learn she has spent countless hours driving with the Miami Police Department because it was important for her to see first hand the experiences taking place within the city.

"Miami is 63 police officers short right now due to budget problems and this not only effects the safety of our citizens, but also adds extra stress to police officers risking their lives especially when they are in intense situations,” she said. “I will request more aggressive action in the drug infested areas, work hard to control crime in our neighborhoods, and make sure our city is patrolled adequately and that our police respond rapidly."

The election for Miami City Commissioner District 2 is set for November 1. I have whole-heartedly enjoyed everything that I’ve learned about Milo and hope that by sharing my meeting her with my readers that it will help bring out the LGBT voters to the polls and support Milo in her quest to be on the Miami City Commission.

To learn more about Milo visit for more information.

Victoria Michaels is the reigning Miss Florida 2011 F.I. and serves as an advocate for the LGBT community. She is transgender (male to female), and before her transition in 1999 she was a student at the College Of Philadelphia and worked as a show producer at WDEL AM News radio in Delaware. She is currently a premiere emcee at Boardwalk Bar in Fort Lauderdale. Visit or for more information. Email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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