Tuesday was National Coming Out Day and transgender actress Laverne Cox celebrated by pledging her support for Hillary Clinton in no uncertain terms.

“What we see unfortunately in the Republican Party, what we see on a policy level, is a party that has consistently tried to disenfranchise people of color, disenfranchise working people, LGBT people, take away women’s control over their bodies, and that is just something I can’t support,” Cox said in a commercial shared on Clinton’s Twitter. “There are so many things that are working to divide us and pull us apart, but we always have to fight.”

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Then, Cox’s message shifted from America’s divide to the importance of voting, officially announcing her backing of Clinton.

“I would tell any of my friends who want to sit on the sidelines that your voice matters, your vote matters,” she said. “I’m supporting Hillary Clinton and I want to encourage everyone to get out and vote. For me, Hillary Clinton is the only candidate running for President who is going to really fight for us.”

In Florida, the last day to register to vote is Oct 18. Voting begins on Nov. 8.

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