A lawmaker in Texas wants to force schools to out LGBT students to their parents.

Tea party state Sen. Konni Burton filed Senate Bill 242, threatening to discipline any school employees that do not disclose a student’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

On her website, Burton said the drafted bill was a response to recent transgender guidelines which prevented staff from informing parents of their child’s gender identity. A later campaign caused the school district to rewrite the guidelines.

“Our schools are a place of learning; they are not replacements for the support and love of the family,” she wrote. “I know that everyone understands the value and need to keep the family first, as they are the cornerstone of our society and our schools should never work to undermine them.”

The bill could severely damage LGBT youth by revealing their gender identity or sexual orientation to potentially unwelcoming parents, leading to dangerous reparative therapy or an increase in LGBT homelessness.