Before becoming the GOP nominee for senator from Delaware, Christine O’Donnell’s credentials included studying theater at a college in New Jersey, converting to and in her own words – “dabbling in” various religions, warning kids about the “sin of masturbation” on MTV and self-starting a number of religious advocacy projects. After high school, O’Donnell (who is single) claims she slept with multiple partners, dabbled in witchcraft and engaged in binge drinking.


In her junior year of college she convert- ed from Catholicism to Evangelical Christianity and joined the College Republicans. She left the school unable to graduate. It was at this juncture she delved deeper into religion. She began honing her success story and telling people about the way that pornography helps married persons “de- stroy the purity of their spouses.”

Arguably her work with Concerned Women For America could qualify as political experience. CWA is a religious group that was formed in the late 70’s to protest equality for women. Today they operate mostly in opposition to gay marriage. Two years ago CWA donated over $400,000 to see that Proposition 8 would
be passed in California.

As O’Donnell premiered her talents for the Religious Right in 1997 she told CNN that spending on HIV/AIDS prevention was “gross” and “disproportionate” and that the spending “goes to things that we know will not prevent AIDS but will continue to spread the disease like distributing condoms in high schools.” Her talking points devolved from there with comparisons be- tween heart disease and HIV and suggestions that “[the gay] lifestyle” is marked by its desire to eliminate consequences rather than improve behavior.