Democrats in Florida are setting up their campaign war chest in an effort to defeat outspoken conservative Congressman Allen West in the upcoming November House elections.

According to political blog the Shark Tank, Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi and other veteran democrats like Charles Halloran, a long time aide to President Bill clinton, are organizing a new political action committee with the sole purpose of taking West down.

Shark Tank writes that left wing billionaire George Soros is among those committed to provide substantial cash to defeat West. The estimated budget to achieve their goal: $5 million.

The Super PAC is expected to file with the Federal Election Commission early next week, probably on Tuesday.

For his part, West is hard at fundraising and campaigning too. Website shows the Florida congressman has already raised over $7 million in contributions.

Shark Tank has obtained said they obtained the actual ‘Confidential Memorandum” that was circulated among “Interested Parties.” Read it here.

OUTSPOKEN: West has said before that  he doesn't think that laws protecting LGBT workers are necessary because he says people are never fired because they are gay. On an interivew with Fox News, the politician gave another controversial comment about social security benefits:

"We're creating this sense of economic dependence which, to me, is a form of modern, 21st-century slavery," watch the video.