Former U.S. representative and failed 2012 GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann's claim last week that President Barack Obama's policies on gay marriage and Iran would bring on the rapture, provided comic fodder for columnists and late night TV hosts. But no one seemed to enjoy Bachmann's "end of humanity" claim more than Obama, who referenced it as a joke during Saturday's annual White House Correspondents Dinner.

"Michele Bachmann predicted I would bring about the biblical end of days," Obama quipped from the podium. "Now that's big. ... Lincoln, Washington - they didn't do that."

Unsurprisingly, the religious right livid with the president's joke, and conservative news outlet World Net Daily captured some of the more ardent outrage.

"Rarely has this nation witnessed the kind of hubris, arrogance and callousness as we did at the President's Correspondents Dinner," said Joel Richardson author of "The Islamic Antichrist." "President Obama and his left-wing supporters in the media think it is absolutely hilarious that his policies could have fostered in an apocalyptic atmosphere in the earth."

End times expert Carl Gallups, author of "The Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation," was similarly miffed.

"I am rarely offended by good humor, especially upon consideration of the context in which it is spoken," he said. "But I think what is unnerving about Obama to so many Christians is his consistent mocking of Christianity, the scriptures, the basic Christian message, and even the Judeo-Christian heritage of America."

"Regardless of how uncomfortable Bachmann's comments might have made some feel, the biblical fact is that when a nation turns its back on Israel and at the same time celebrates, promotes, and legalizes homosexual marriage it is inviting end of days judgment upon itself," Gallups added. "The Word of God is clear concerning these matters."

Armageddon aficionado Jan Markell, on whose radio show Bachmann initially made the claim, was resolute in her support of the former Minnesota representative.

"God has His way of getting out a message about the end-of-days scenario," Markell said. "If he has to use a donkey such as the left-wing outfits that have trashed Michele for two weeks, then I thank God for His creativity.

"One way or another, He will get His message out that He is coming soon. I am thankful that Michele Bachmann and I, who have teamed up for many years, can be used in this manner," she continued. "God is calling all watchmen on the wall."

Bachmann herself appeared un-flapped by the jokes being made at her expense, and remained excited about the coming apocalypse.

"The Bible is filled with exciting information about living life today and in the future, both in this life and in the life to come," Bachmann told WND. "Any message that brings people closer to God's wonderful plans for our lives is a good thing."

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