As the Florida Primary approaches on March 15, members of local political clubs are divided on which candidates to support.

“There seems to be a fairly even split [between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders] from the folks who are talking,” said Noah Kitty, president of the Dolphin Democrats. “I think it’s split because they are two excellent candidates. Both have unique strengths and competencies. You can, I think, feel good about supporting either.”

Personally, Kitty said she is supporting Clinton and is volunteering for the former Secretary of State’s campaign. “People work on whatever individual campaigns they feel so moved to do.”

She added that support for either campaign doesn’t come up much during meetings. “If it does, we’ll make a joke about it. We don’t go any further with that.”

But the Dolphin Democrats as a club won’t endorse Clinton or Sanders until after the primary battle is over.

It’s the same for the Log Cabin Republican Club in Wilton Manors.

“There are some for Donald Trump, and a lot of them were for Jeb Bush [before he dropped out. I’m for John Kasich,” said former Wilton Manors mayor Sandy Steen, Log Cabin’s vice chair and the club’s former president. “We really can’t discuss [who we are supporting during the meetings]. It’s really just what people share with me personally.”

Gene Sides, Log Cabin’s president, said he thinks any of the candidates will energize the Republican Party as the nominee. “After seven years of [President] Obama, there’s a lot of excitement. Republicans set a [voter turnout] record in South Carolina. Any of the candidates will offer a welcome change. I think there’s a lot of positive energy,” Sides said. “I’m certainly ready for a dramatic change.”