Palm Beach LGBT Democrats Host Celebrity Bartending Fundraiser

FL Represenatives Lori Berman and Mark Pafford

There’s only one place you can find politicians wearing pink and serving drinks on a Sunday night.

Three representatives and two senators from the Florida Legislature will work for tips while attendees enjoy free Hors d'oeuvres, music, and door prizes. The Rusty Gordon GLBTA Democratic Caucus, a Palm Beach county democratic club, is hosting its second annual celebrity bartender fundraiser.

This year’s theme is Pink Slip Rick, in reference to Fla. Gov. Rick Scott. The celebrity bartenders include Florida state senator Maria Sachs (Dist. 34), senator Jeff Clemens (Dist. 27), Rep. Lori Berman (Dist. 86), Rep.-Elect Dave Kerner (Dist. 87), and Rep. Mark Pafford (Dist. 88).

“Anything that is titled Pink Slip Rick Scott will be a fun event,” Pafford said. He participated in the fundraiser last year said returning was a no-brainer.

“It’s a great event in terms of people who are trying to do some good things and promote that everyone should be living an equal life in the state of Florida and there should be no discriminatory policies of who you love,” Pafford said.

Pafford attended last year’s fundraiser and expects pink lingerie at this year’s event, but he has another reason for coming back.

“I gotta make sure I raise more tips than everybody else,” he said.

Rep. Lori Berman is attending as a supporter of the LGBT community.

“I know how to pour a mean drink and have a good time,” Berman wrote SFGN. “I look forward to bartending this for my colleagues and seeing lots of friends in attendance.”

Jimmy McPartland, the owner of The Cottage in Lake Worth (where the event was held last year) is excited to bring it back this year.

“It’s just a really great event,” McPartland said. “It’s really high energy.

McPartland confirmed the event would have happy hour rates, while Kevin Muth, President of the Rusty Gordon GLBTA Democratic caucus, confirmed there would be a special pink cocktail, called the Sweet Revenge Wild Strawberry Sour Mash Liqueur.

Rep. Pafford and Rep. Berman might serve something other than the Sweet Revenge Wild Strawberry if it’s up to them.

“Jack [Daniels Tennessee Whiskey] with diet coke is my favorite drink because I’m diabetic,” Pafford said.

“My favorite drink is California chardonnay,” Berman said. But she wants attendees to know more than that. “The Democratic party supports everyone including women, the middle class, the LGBT community, veterans, seniors and working families,” Berman said.

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If you go to the Pink Slip Rick themed fundraiser


Sunday Nov. 4, 5 - 7 p.m.


The Cottage, 522 Lucerne Ave.

Lake Worth, FL 33460

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