Out on the Trail: Frank Endorses Clinton

Barney Frank (Photo: John McDonald)

Speaking at a lecture on American citizenship Thursday evening, Sept. 24, at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, former U.S. Congressman Barney Frank said he is backing Hillary Clinton’s campaign to capture the Democratic Party’s nomination.

“I support Hillary Clinton, she is a good, solid liberal,” Frank told those gathered inside Carroll Hall Auditorium at the Institute for the Arts and Humanities. “I say that even as I hold identical positions to my good friend, Bernie Sanders.”

In 1987, Frank, representing Massachusetts, became the first member of U.S. Congress to voluntarily come out as gay. In 2012, he married his longtime partner, Jim Ready, becoming the nation’s first Congressman in a same-sex marriage while in office.

“My being gay was never an obstacle to me being influential in government,” Frank said.

During the lecture, Frank hit on a number of topics from calls for a reduction to the United States military budget to the media’s reluctance to report what he termed “good news.”

“There’s a terrible bias in the media,” Frank said. “People don’t want to hear good news.”

As an example, Frank used the nation’s response to the recent Ebola crisis.

“The American government handled the Ebola crisis very, very well,” Frank said. “But good news disappears and that’s part of the problem. People don’t want to hear good news, they just want to beat up the government.”

The 75-year-old public servant warned the old guard of journalism is in trouble.

“I am in much better health than the newspaper industry,” Frank said. “Newspapers are diminishing.”

On Syria, Frank said the U.S. has no business intervening in civil wars, while suggesting it is time to loosen restrictions on former enemies-turned-allies, Germany and Japan.

“I am ready to let Germany re-arm…Japan too,” Frank said. “We are protecting them more than they need to be protected.”

Following the lecture, which was sponsored by the Weil Family, Frank signed copies of his memoir, “Frank” in the lobby of Carroll Hall.

Meanwhile, on the local front, Daniel H. Sohn has announced a fundraising reception hosted by Florida Senator Dwight Bullard. Sohn, a gay man, is campaigning for the Dania Beach City Commission.

“I am blessed to have support from elected leaders from across the state,” Sohn said. “The time is now for young people to get involved in their local government.”

The fundraiser, hosted by Sen. Bullard, also chairman of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, is Sunday, Oct. 18 at Land Crab Lounge and Bar.

For details, visit DanielForDania.com.

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