Citing a need for unity and a clear path to victory, Aaron Darr, an openly gay man, is suspending his campaign for the Largo City Commission.

In a telephone interview with SFGN, Darr said he is encouraging his supporters to get behind Neil McMullen, a retired manager of nonprofit consulting firms, in the race for Seat 3 on the Largo Commission.

“Neil and I spoke in depth about our ideas and our hopes for the city of Largo,” Darr said. “We agree putting families first while creating budgets and policies that lead working families out of poverty and into a thriving middle class is of the utmost importance.”

Darr, 24, made headlines in 2014 when he publicly disclosed he is HIV positive. He travels frequently, locally and globally, to speak about HIV/AIDS from a millennial’s perspective.

His quest for the Largo Commission was nothing short of interesting. On Aug. 29, 2015, Darr said he received an anonymous email threatening to release “negative information” about him. Largo Police traced the email back to Darr’s opponent, Robert Avery. Consequently, Avery was arrested Nov. 30, 2015 on felony extortion charges and is out on a $10,000 bond.

Going forward Darr said he intends to campaign vigorously for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Presidential election and other progressive candidates down ballot. He said he hopes McMullen can defeat Curtis Holmes in the race to represent the third largest municipality in Pinellas County.