An out New Hampshire Democrat is vying for the Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Current chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party Ray Buckley is competing for the chair after Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned due to an email leak from the DNC’s email servers.

He took to Facebook to explain why is he running: “I look forward to a robust discussion with you on the future of the Democratic Party and I ask for and hope to earn your support.”

Buckley plans to make big changes for the DNC if elected.

“Make no mistake, if I am elected chair there will be radical reform of how the DNC operates. You and every member of the DNC will be called on to fully participate in the governance of our party,” he wrote. “The DNC will be a team effort unlike what we have seen for many years. Every voice should be respected, every face reflected in the Democratic Party. The party cannot just be about winning the White House. We have thousands of other races, including state, county and local races, that we need to win as well.”

He also defined his interpretation of the Democratic Party’s main goal and message: “We firmly stand for the opportunity of every American to achieve the American dream. There should be no walls obstructing anyone’s success, both literally and figuratively. We are a dynamic, diverse party that represents the hopes and aspirations of millions of Americans. Our party must also continue to strive to include every voice and every idea from our grassroots.”

In his post, Buckley also requested people comment, sharing ideas and suggestions for running and improving the DNC.

“After we talk and you’ve had time to reflect, I hope you will decide to support me and together we can get to work reforming the DNC, strengthening our state parties, and rebuilding our grassroots nationwide.”